Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United for a Champions League team. The player’s agent Jorge Mendes actively offers his client’s services to the top clubs in Europe. And very intrusive.

Bayern and Atlético are options for Ronaldo that have not been confirmed

Some famous personalities did not hold back from public comments that they do not need Ronaldo. Three representatives of Bayern were forced to emphasize that Cristiano’s move to Munich would not take place. Apparently, to finally stop speculation about this.

“I have a lot of respect for Cristiano Ronaldo, his accomplishments and his career. But once again: his transfer is not in our plans and was not in the plans, ”said Bayern sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic.

“I read about my desire to buy Cristiano Ronaldo to Bayern, but this is not true,” said head coach Julian Nagelsman.

“I love Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a fantastic player, but every club has a philosophy and I’m not sure that for Bayern and the Bundesliga his transfer would be the right signal now. Such a transition does not quite correspond to our ideas,” said Munich CEO Oliver Kahn.

Cristiano Ronaldo has learned the bitter truth.  If only there was no nervous breakdown!
Cristiano Ronaldo has learned the bitter truth. If only there was no nervous breakdown!

Kahn spoke last, after Salihamidzic and Nagelsmann. In Oliver’s words, the official style is sustained, but a certain amount of sarcasm and irritation is read. Ronaldo doesn’t need Bayern. And other top clubs too. It seems that Mendes’ attempts to impose services on Cristiano have reached a dead end.

After Bayern, the epic with Atlético began, but it did not last long either. The Madrid club told Marca that a potential transfer is economically impossible and unprofitable. At the moment, the “mattress” can not afford either the high salary of the Portuguese, or the transfer fee. The publication reported that rumors about the striker’s move to Madrid (and before that to Munich) are being spread by Ronaldo’s entourage, especially agent Jorge Mendes.

Atlético rejected the idea of ​​a move for Cristiano out of the blue. There were informal contacts between the parties, but nothing more. The head coach of the “mattress” Diego Simeone respects Ronaldo, but he is not going to reshape and rebuild the team for the opportunity to work with the Portuguese. Mendes’ insinuations did not lead to any result, they only angered Atlético fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid

Photo: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

“It’s very simple: Cristiano Ronaldo is not allowed to wear the shirt of our club. A player who never respected and laughed at all Atlético fans. He was a nemesis’ lead striker for years, getting into numerous skirmishes with our club’s most beloved players. Cristiano Ronaldo is the exact opposite of Atlético’s philosophy, Atlético fan movement spokesman Jonathan Fernandez told The Sun.

Cristiano Ronaldo is breaking out of Manchester United.  There are two top options.
Cristiano Ronaldo is breaking out of Manchester United. There are two top options.

Other top clubs are also not interested in Cristiano

According to Diario Sport, Georgina Rodriguez is pushing Cristiano to return to Spain. The relationship between Ronaldo and Rodriguez began in Madrid in 2016, when Cristiano was playing for Real Madrid. Two years later they moved to Turin, and three years later to Manchester. Georgina worries that frequent moves are not good for the children. The couple has five. The football player is ready to follow her lead, but at the same time he does not forget about his desire to play in the Champions League.

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

British journalist

“I spoke to Ronaldo last week and it is highly unlikely that he will play another game for Manchester United. I think that mentally he has already moved on. I think he might end up in some completely unexpected place.”

One can only imagine the desperation of Ronaldo if he is ready to move to Atlético, forgetting his past at Real Madrid. Cristiano recently agreed to be in Barcelona, ​​but the idea of ​​a transfer was quickly curtailed there. Real Madrid have long since made it clear that Cristiano is not the right fit for the team. Only Sevilla remains, the fourth participant in the Champions League from Spain, but Ronaldo himself is not yet ready to play for such relatively weak teams. Cristiano had another option in the Pyrenees – his native Portuguese Sporting. The forward rather unexpectedly personally dispelled the rumors through a comment on a social network.

Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United

Photo: Naomi Baker/Getty Images

For a long time, the Chelsea option was considered viable. However, according to ESPN, the London club after signing a contract with winger Raheem Sterling rules out the possibility of a transfer. PSG are also not going to sign Cristiano. And in Italy, all options turned out to be unviable, except for Roma participating in the Europa League. On the nerves, Cristiano could break loose and leave for huge money in Saudi Arabia, but still this option is not interesting to him in the coming years.

Manchester United had a great start to pre-season without Ronaldo. This is a bad sign for Cristiano

Meanwhile, Manchester United had a successful pre-season tour under Erik ten Hag. In three friendly matches, Manchester United won three wins with a total score of 11:2. The opponents were Liverpool (4:0), Melbourne Victory (4:1) and Crystal Palace (3:1). In all meetings, striker Anthony Martial scored goals. In the last game, he also gave an assist to Jadon Sancho, who, in addition to Crystal Palace, also scored against Liverpool. In two of the three matches, Marcus Rashford distinguished himself by scoring the opponent’s goal.

Cristiano still hasn’t arrived at Manchester United after his vacation. Now tactics are being laid, team connections are being played. The attacking trio of Martial, Sancho, Rashford are doing a great job, while the 37-year-old Ronaldo rushes about in search of a new club. Ten Hag is showing restraint so far. The coach called Cristiano a top professional and is not worried about the form of a player who is not eager to play in his team. But sooner or later, Ronaldo’s behavior can infuriate him too.

Ibrahimovic's actions are admirable.  Zlatan's adequacy is so lacking for Cristiano Ronaldo
Ibrahimovic’s actions are admirable. Zlatan’s adequacy is so lacking for Cristiano Ronaldo

No matter how it happens that Cristiano will eventually agree to play for Manchester United in the Europa League next season (due to salary and lack of better options), but the club itself will be against his return and will sell him to conditional Roma or a place worse. The behavior of the Portuguese at the moment can hardly be called correct in relation to Man United, ten Hagu and teammates. And the mental suffering of Cristiano is already beginning to tire. Apparently, it’s time for Ronaldo to come to terms with the fact that the status of a superstar is already in the past for him. Play a year in the LE, try to help the club return to the Champions League. Or take a serious pay cut, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who signed for $1.5 million at Milan. Sitting on two chairs at the same time will no longer work.

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