For several months now, the future of Neymar has been discussed in the transfer market. At first they wrote that he would leave, then – that he would still remain. Now the club has entered the phase of a revolutionary campaign, and whether there is a place for the Brazilian in the new project, President Nasser Al-Khelaifi cannot even say.

Rumors: Neymar sent to England and Italy; he wanted to leave, and then he wanted to stay

Different things were written about the Brazilian: he is dissatisfied with his position in the club, is in conflict with Kylian Mbappe and generally wants to leave; then he is happy with everything and ready to stay, because the World Cup is ahead.

Changes in the list of the highest paid players in the world.  Salah received a record contract
Changes in the list of the highest paid players in the world. Salah received a record contract

There was a lot of news – here are just a few of them.

– France Bleau reported that Neymar’s relatives made it clear to the club that he was not going anywhere.

– At the same time, RMC Sport wrote that the player was upset after the words of PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi about his place in the future of the club. The head did not give a clear answer whether the team needed Neymar or not, but only limited himself to the reservation that it was wrong to discuss such issues in the press.

– According to ESPN, Neymar decided to leave PSG after learning that “the club would be happy to see him go.” The publication also claimed that the football player’s agent Pini Zahavi is working on finding potential options, but “realizes that only two or three teams can come close to the money that Neymar makes at PSG.”

– El País wrote that the club had already notified the Brazilian father that they wanted to part ways with him.

At the same time, on July 1, Neymar activated the option to extend his contract until 2027. An interesting scheme turned out there: a year ago, an agreement was signed with him until 2025 with two renewal dates – July 1 (until 2026) and July 1, 2022 (for another year). PSG lawyers crafted the terms of the contract so cunningly to avoid violations of the FFP, but now the club can clearly regret it. There are no real contenders for Neymar yet, because in Europe they are well aware that they will not only have to pay a lot for him, but also find funds to meet his salary requirements (the Brazilian has € 30 million in PSG).



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There are only a few clubs that could theoretically sign Neymar and one of them is Chelsea. ESPN wrote that the London club was contacted by the Brazilian’s agents about his possible transfer, and Todd Bowley was not opposed: according to the publication, the new owner “wants to make a big statement in the transfer market, and for this there can be no one better than Neymar.”

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel, according to Sky Sport Deutschland, is not against the transfer of the Brazilian, and Thiago Silva even spoke publicly. “He should go to Chelsea,” he said. “If it happens, it will do him good. Neymar does not need my comments. I don’t know anything yet, but I really hope it can happen.”

But everything rests on Neymar’s salary, which the club, which is now in the process of large-scale restructuring, is unlikely to be able to pull.

Another rumor is the possible transfer of the Brazilian to Manchester City. The French publication Le Parisien wrote that PSG offered to exchange Neymar for City midfielder Bernardo Silva, but Josep Guardiola refused, since Silva is one of the key players for him.

“I’m sorry, but it’s fake,” Guardiola quickly reacted to the news. – This is false information. Neymar is an incredible player and from the information I have he is an unusually good guy. Manchester City are rumored to be buying 150 players every summer, but that’s not right.”

RMC Sport reported on the interest of another English club – allegedly Manchester United would consider Neymar’s candidacy if Cristiano Ronaldo leaves.

Neymar, 2017

Neymar, 2017

PSG player

“I like the way teams play in the Premier League. I would like to play there. Who knows, maybe someday it will happen. I admire Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool. These teams are always fighting. In the Premier League you never know who will win or who will be the champion, it’s always a surprise.”

AS reported at the end of June that Neymar’s representatives held talks with Juventus, but the Italian club’s management was embarrassed by the player’s salary requests. A little later, UOL, citing El Pais, reported that Milan were ready to give Neymar a place in the squad, but with the amendment: they would only pay part of his salary (€ 15-20 million per year), the rest would remain with PSG. “. All top clubs run into the nuances of a large salary.

Facts: PSG are going to unload the squad. Neymar is not on the exit list – the coach wants to keep him

In recent years, PSG has been mercilessly spending money on transfers – in the 10 years that the Qatari sheikhs own the club, about € 1 billion was spent on purchases alone. Last summer, the Parisians once again blew up the market, but this time not with transfers for hundreds of millions of euros, and star names: Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Jorginho Wijnaldum and Lionel Messi came to the team as free agents. But if PSG didn’t officially pay anything for the transition itself (although there were probably commissions), then the club obviously had to spend a lot of money on salaries for such names.

The purchase once again did not help: it was not possible to take either the Champions League or the French Cup; the victory in the championship, even if it became early, but with some kind of unpleasant touch – at the end of the season, the fans more than once made dissatisfied statements about the “bunch of stars” who walk across the field on foot. The sports director Leonardo also got it: he was seen as one of the main culprits for the lack of progress with bloated transfer budgets.

PSG really gathered a lot of star names with big salaries, so the first task of the new director Antero Henrique and sports director Luis Campos was to optimize the team – unload the payroll and significantly clean up the squad. In addition, Campos’ vision is the idea that we should not look for stars in other European championships, but pay more attention to French players.

Christoph Galtier

Christoph Galtier

Photo: Masashi Hara/Getty Images

Christophe Galtier, who replaced Mauricio Pochettino as head coach, fully shares this attitude and is ready for a revolutionary campaign.

“We have 26 or 27 players, not including goalkeepers, which is a lot,” he told reporters recently. – There are players with whom we will have to part. We talked to them and it wasn’t easy. However, we will start this season with 21 outfield players and a few young players. The big clubs that play at a very high level are the ones that manage to integrate the best young players into an experienced and high-quality working team.”

The French edition of Le Parisien has published a list of 11 players that PSG plans to part ways with this summer.

Player Moved from Transfer amount Cost now
Layvin Kurzawa “Monaco”, 2015 € 25 million € 5 million
Abdu Diallo Borussia, 2019 € 32 million € 18 million
Thilo Kehrer Schalke, 2018 € 37 million € 22 million
Leandro Paredes Zenit, 2019 € 40 million € 17 million
Danilo Pereira Porto 2021 (purchase) € 16 million € 14 million
Idrissa Geye Everton, 2019 € 30 million € 12 million
Ander Herrera Manchester United, 2019 free agent € 10 million
Georginho Wijnaldum Liverpool, 2021 free agent € 18 million
Eric Abimbe youth team € 5 million
Julian Draxler Wolfsburg, 2017 € 36 million € 18 million
Mauro Icardi Inter, 2020 € 50 million € 22 million
€ 266 million € 161 million

According to Transfermarkt

Players have various reasons for being on the “out” list: Kurzawa, for example, never took the field last season; buyers have already been found for Paredes with a lucrative offer of € 35 million; Wijnaldum, on the other hand, became the main disappointment of League 1, and Draxler did not live up to the stellar hopes placed on him. At the same time, Neymar did not enter the top 11, despite the many rumors hovering around his name for the past two months. Why?

Galtier replied: “Neymar is a world-class player, one of the best in the world. What coach wouldn’t want to work with him? I have a very clear idea of ​​what I will expect from him. Of course I want him to stay. Yes, I made myself clear. But there are a lot of things that I can’t control.”

What does his last phrase mean – is it really a hint at the high salary of the Brazilian? We’ll find out before the end of the transfer window. It is unlikely that this transfer game will end earlier.

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