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TSN: lawyers found correspondence between the victim and the Canadian hockey players accused of rape

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MOSCOW, 19 Jul – Lawyers for Canadian hockey players will provide the National Hockey League (NHL) investigating team with videos and correspondence from players involving a victim of an alleged rape, TSN reports.
TSN previously reported that a woman, now 24, filed a lawsuit in the Ontario Supreme Court in April alleging she was repeatedly sexually assaulted in a hotel room in June 2018. The defendants in the case were Hockey Canada, the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), and eight unnamed CHL players, including members of the 2018 Canadian Youth Team. The accusations against the players were not proven in court then, the lawsuit was eventually withdrawn.
According to the information received by the TV channel, two videos were recorded, in the first of which, before the incident, the girl was asked for consent, and in the second, recorded after the incident, whether she had any claims. According to the source, the girl in the video confirms her consent. At the same time, in her statement dated April 2022, she noted that the hockey players forced her to say these words on camera.
The channel also received correspondence from one of the players with the alleged victim, in which he convinces her to withdraw the statement from the police. It is noted that the girl was drunk and agreed to have sex with one of the players, but later seven more hockey players entered the room.
According to the source, in the coming days, the NHL will interrogate the players. The authenticity and nature of the videos and correspondence is not specified.



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