Knocked out an opponent and showed her breasts! This beauty used to play “half-naked” football

Ty Emery knows how to raise interest in martial arts.

The range of domestic promotions involved in fisticuffs is very rich. Therefore, the Russian audience relatively infrequently turns to the American Bare Knuckle FC, which is generally considered a trendsetter in bare-knuckle fights. And there is something to see! And now we are talking not only about uncompromising cuts or bloody knockouts. After all, there are enough uninhibited girls in the foreign promotion!

“Is anyone shocked?” Fighter dies after knockout in bare-knuckle fight

Today, the BKFC Thailand 3 tournament was held in Thailand, where Ty Emery, the infamous athlete and model, also performed. The 35-year-old girl fought her first bare-knuckle fight: she had previously made a successful debut in amateur MMA. In general, Emery gained fame as an athlete of the famous “lingerie league”, where girls play American football half-naked. Which is incredibly popular with viewers.

Tai loves and knows how to shock the audience. But this time she “lit up” for real. At first, the girl literally beat her opponent in the first round, winning beautifully by knockout. And then, in order to completely drive the audience crazy, she jumped onto the ropes and pulled up her T-shirt! The stands greeted the “sudden exposure” with a noisy ovation – Emery definitely appealed to Asian sports fans. Well, she showed why she was invited to the fighting promotion.

Of course, the former football player is now likely to face a fine. At least formal: otherwise, such celebrations will become too popular. On the other hand, Tai has definitely raised interest in bare-knuckle fighting. At least among Thai viewers. Considering that now in sports almost everything is decided by outrageousness, the leadership of BKFC is probably quite rubbing its hands. And he definitely won’t fire Emery – she’s too useful for promotion. And good-looking.

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