Tyson Fury – Anthony Joshua, when the fight, what will happen with the meeting of Fury – Usyk

Tyson Fury continues to tear apart the information field with his unique speeches. But this year it has become too much, especially after the fight with Dillian Whyte. He broke Conor McGregor’s shoe change record by announcing his retirement twice in four months. But the Gypsy King immediately turned the game around and continued his manipulations.

When Oleksandr Usyk defeated Anthony Joshua for the second time, the Usyk-Fury fight seemed inevitable. And the Gypsy King began to rock it immediately after the verdict of the judges. However, after a couple of days of clashes on social networks and statements in the media, the Ukrainian pulled out of the fight in December, citing family and personal reasons.

“A fight with Tyson Fury in December is impossible. First, I have old injuries. Secondly, I just don’t want to box in December. I have not left the gym for six months, I want to be with my children, my family. Boxing can wait a little. Next year, I think it will happen. I want the WBC title. Gypsies have taken it, some king. We don’t know what’s in Tyson’s head. Everyone knows that this is just a crazy guy. I really want this fight to take place next year, ”Usyk said.

Therefore, instead of another resignation, Fury switched to Joshua, to whom the Ukrainian, by the way, offered help. How is this possible? Won’t family circumstances and injuries get in the way of intense sparring sessions in England? This is very similar to a cunning jail time, then to knock out a fatter jackpot. And is Joshua ready for another champion? After such a disappointment that AJ experienced from another defeat, he needs a good rest for a couple of months to regain faith in himself and bring himself back to normal. And so it turns out that champions will earn on his behalf in order to receive a record fee.

Therefore, it cannot be said that Fury is in a losing position due to Joshua’s media appeal. The same thesis was confirmed by Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn.

“The reality is that Anthony Joshua is still arguably the biggest figure in boxing. Anthony’s fight against Tyson Fury is still five times bigger than Fury’s fight against Oleksandr Usyk is a reality. By the way, Fury vs Usyk is a great fight, but people want to see Joshua vs Fury,” Hearn said.

Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn

Photo: Lewis Storey/Getty Images

Next came calls for Fury to sign a contract for the fight. He offered his compatriot a generous distribution of fees – 60-40%, so that he definitely did not take it into his head to steer. Joshua’s side accepted the offer, but a further stumbling block arose. Oddly enough, this is not a TV rights (Joshua fights on DAZN, Fury fights on ESPN), which immediately closed. This is the meeting date.

“I saw that they are trying to manipulate the date a bit because we have officially booked the Manchester United football stadium for November 12, however they say it is too early.

So I have something better than this, Wembley Stadium, booked for November 26 this year. And if he doesn’t want to go to Wembley at the end of November, I even have a December date for him – December 3rd in Cardiff!

So, choose, slacker. Now you won’t get out!” said the Gypsy King.

But Hearn and Joshua are trying to delay the fight a bit and spoil the plans for Fury’s side. They insist on December 17th. And, apparently, AJ’s side will try to take over the organization of the fight and the choice of location in order to get more benefits at the negotiating table.

Fury replied short and clear: “November 26th at Wembley or December 3rd in Cardiff. Here are the dates, accept or leave.

This is not the first attempt to organize this meeting. Last time, Deontay Wilder intervened in the organization of the fight for the absolute championship, who was able to defend in court the right to receive cuffs from Fury for the third time. Now there are no obvious obstacles between them. We will watch developments.

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