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Tyson Fury says he’ll knock out The Mountain from ‘Game of Thrones’ in a boxing match

© / Valery Melnikov / Go to photo bankHafthor Bjornsson

MOSCOW, 27 Jul – The World Boxing Council (WBC) world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has promised to knock out Icelander Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays the role of Grigor Clegane, nicknamed The Mountain, in the TV series Game of Thrones.
Bjornsson has previously said he is in talks to fight Fury. The Briton also confirmed the dialogue with his team regarding the organization of the fight.
“It would be fun. It would be great to perform in front of, say, 70 thousand fans and show him what boxing is, make him miss and knock him out. We are talking with his team at the moment, and this is definitely something that interests me” , – quotes Fury Telegraph.
Bjornsson is 33 years old. In March in Dubai, he defeated Eddie Hall in a professional boxing fight by unanimous decision. Bjornsson is remembered by Game of Thrones fans for the scene of his hero’s battle against Oberyn Martell, nicknamed the Red Serpent.
Fury is 33 years old. In April, the Briton knocked out compatriot Dillian Whyte and successfully defended his WBC title for the second time in a row, remaining undefeated (32 wins and one draw). After the fight, Fury finally ended his professional career.



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