He is not Fedotov. Modest Ankalaev served in the army on time – now he is ready for the UFC title

Denis Dorofeev

Denis Dorofeev

Magomed Ankalaev - Anthony Smith

Magomed managed not only to repay his debt to the Motherland, but also to refuse Fedor himself. It takes courage!

On the night of July 30-31, the UFC 277 tournament will take place. Russian Magomed Ankalaev, No. 4 light heavyweight, will perform on the main card. He will be opposed by the fifth fighter of the rating Anthony Smith. Although Ankalaev has a modest image, he has a very rich and rich background that has made him a name.

Graduated from an amateur MMA school with excellent marks

Ankalaev has extensive experience in amateur performances. He became the champion of Russia three times and took the world championship twice. Moreover, fierce competition reigned for a place in the Russian national team. So, Magomed had to fight with the students of Fedor Emelianenko – Vadim Nemkov and Valentin Moldavsky. The Dagestani celebrated success in both cases. But these triumphs were very difficult, especially over Nemkov, who was close to an early victory.

These successes did not pass by the leadership of the MMA Union of Russia, which awarded Magomed the title of International Master of Sports in MMA. Ankalaev became the first mixed martial arts fighter to be awarded this title.

Refused Fedor Emelianenko

When the Last Emperor was preparing for the 2015 New Year’s tournament in Japan, he recruited fighters for his Fedor Team to make up the card of the event. Ankalaev was among the invited fighters. But Magomed refused the legend due to the fact that by that time he had not yet become a world champion, but was only a silver medalist.

Served in the army

After the second victory at the World Championships in 2016, Ankalaev went to the army for a year. Unlike hockey goalie Ivan Fedotov, Magomed did it of his own free will. Plus, he competed there in army hand-to-hand combat. Thanks to the ARB, the Dagestani was able to keep in good shape and sign a contract with the UFC immediately after the end of his service.

Magomed Ankalaev

Magomed Ankalaev

Photo: From the personal archive

Lost debut fight at the last second

Ankalaev made the only defeat in his career in a fight against the Scot Paul Craig. It was his debut in the UFC. And Magomed was confidently leading the fight on the referee’s notes. However, he fell into the Scot’s trap out of inexperience. Craig captured Magomed in a tight triangle, from where he could not get out and surrendered one second before the siren in the final third round.

Dagestan has never won by submission

In general, Magomed began his journey with Greco-Roman wrestling, where his older brother brought him. That is, Ankalaev should be a nominal wrestler. But it so happened that on his account not a single victory by submission. But he is a bright puncher and a good distance shooter. Therefore, he has eight wins by knockout and a decision of the judges.

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