Claims that he gave the bream to Khabib himself. And now he’s going to beat the “fake” Nurmagomedov

Evgeny Narizhny

Evgeny Narizhny

Conflicts between Nate Diaz and Khabib

Nate Diaz has taken on so much that we just can’t miss this fight.

The fight between Khamzat Chimaev and Nate Diaz is almost a done deal. The fight will take place in New York at the UFC 279 tournament and will be the main event of the evening – the second non-title fight in a year after the fight between Masvidal and Covington. Contracts have not yet been signed, but both fighters have already confirmed that the fight will be organized.

For Diaz, this will not be the first meeting with a Russian-speaking fighter – he met Khabib Nurmagomedov twice, but both times outside the octagon. And in the literal sense – two conflicts between Nate and Eagle happened not far from the cage during tournaments.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Diaz and Khabib first crossed paths at a WSOF promotion event (now PFL. — Approx. “Championship”). Both fighters then performed in the UFC, and they came to the world series to support their comrades. Diaz drowned for Jake Shields, and Khabib helped Abubakar Nurmagomedov and Islam Mamedov.

Orel and Diaz constantly had skirmishes on social networks, so a personal meeting could not go peacefully. And then the conflicting two completely different stories. According to Nurmagomedov’s version, which he cites in the book Khabib Time, he met with Nate and rudely addressed him in Russian, although the opponent did not understand what he was talking about. Khabib also said that a friend of Diaz who was standing nearby was so emotionally indignant that Nurmagomedov simply knocked him out.

A few hours later there was a massive brawl. About 20 people gathered in the lobby of the Planet Hollywood casino, including Islam Mammadov, who recently defeated Jimmy Speckuzza, as well as Khabib’s second Esedulla Emiragaev, who would later become famous for fighting Conor McGregor at UFC 229.

“Islam chased Nate Diaz and kicked him in the ass. Seeing this, I was delighted: at least one of us got this devil. Esedulla threw a chair at the fleeing scoundrel Diaz. At this point, the security guys appeared in the foyer, who were called by the organizers of the tournament. The episode with the chair happened before their eyes, and they laid Esed on the floor, wringing his arms and pressing his head to the floor. That was a spectacle!” – said in the book Khabib.

Diaz’s version sounded like the exact opposite of Nurmagomedov’s. According to Nate, he was just watching the Shields fight when he faced Khabib’s team. “They took a group picture with me in the background, just to laugh and play a joke on me. Khabib then said: “Come on, dude,” after which they all, there were 12 of these Russians, began to laugh at me. I approached him and gave him a slap in the face. I hit him for laughing at me. Nothing happened, and I thought: “What, he will not do anything in response?”. I was beside myself in a rage and waited for him at the exit, but he escaped! said the gangster from Stockton.

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz

Photo: Getty Images

The second skirmish occurred four years later at the UFC 239 tournament, where both fighters were present as spectators and sat close to each other, several rows apart. It is not completely known why the conflict broke out – whether Nate said something to Khabib, or threw a bottle at him. But this time, the security service did a great job, which quickly extinguished the mass brawl.

The fight between Khabib and Nate was never close to organization – Nurmagomedov was building a legacy at lightweight, and Diaz had just moved up and moved to the welterweight division. Now Nate will have to fight with a more versatile version of the Eagle – Khamzat can not only wrestle superbly, but is also excellent in the stand. True, not everyone appreciates Borz at its true worth: according to Jake Paul, Chimaev is a fake Khabib, and the blogger believes in Diaz’s victory.

At one time, Khamzat did not rule out the possibility of a fight with Khabib, but still said that he respected Nurmagomedov, so the victory over Diaz could become a kind of revenge for the ex-champion. This is the last fight of the Stockton under the contract – it is likely that Borz will give him a very painful farewell to the UFC.

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