UFC 280, Charles Oliveira – Islam Makhachev, Oliveira will withdraw from the fight, Khabib said that Beneil Dariush will replace him

Khabib suddenly tensed up. Oliveira outplayed him and Makhachev

Evgeny Narizhny

Charles figured out how to drag Islam to Brazil.

On the evening of October 22, the UFC 280 tournament will take place in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The main event of the event should be the fight between Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev for the vacant belt in the lightweight division, but it looks like the Brazilian can still withdraw from the fight. Khabib Nurmagomedov announced this on social networks.

“I just think that Charles Oliveira will not show up in Abu Dhabi and the UFC will replace Charles Dariush. Regardless of who the opponent is, Makhachev is on his way to becoming the best in the world, ”wrote Oryol.

Khabib’s words are confirmed by Dariush’s statement. The Assyrian was supposed to meet Makhachev in the Candidates match back in the winter, but Beneil was injured and dropped out for a long time. Now he has a chance to follow the example of Makhachev to fight for the belt without a full-fledged candidate fight. “Ali Abdelaziz told me this, I will be the spotter for this fight. If something goes wrong, they will put me in … Of course, I will do 70.3 kg. It’s not that hard. Last time at UFC 262 I weighed almost 70.3,” said Dariush.

Thus, instead of the Oliveira-Makhachev fight, we can get the Makhachev-Dariush fight. The Brazilian did not accept the fact that he would have to defend the belt on the opponent’s territory. In the eyes of the fans, Oliveira remains the champion, despite the error during the weigh-in. Formality aside, he has already made two defenses and deserves respect from the UFC in the form of organizing his fight in Brazil. Moreover, such a tournament is already scheduled in the schedule.

Charles Oliveira

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But the influence of Khabib, who, by the way, has only one defense more, is too great. The personality of Nurmagomedov is interesting to the UFC leadership even after his resignation, which Oryol abuses with pleasure. The title fight in Abu Dhabi is a vivid example when it was not necessary to do this. Makhachev would have coped with the Brazilian in his homeland.

But it seems that Oliveira outplayed Khabib and Makhachev: Charles has a chance to achieve his goal and hold the next fight in Brazil. If the Bronx does pull out of the fight, he will remain the top contender for the belt. The Brazilian will simply see how the fight between Islam and Dariush ends, and then agree with the UFC to fight the winner in Rio.

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