UFC 280: Islam Makhachev – Charles Oliveira, Oliveira’s loss to Ricardo Lamas by choke, video

Oliveira is no match for Makhachev. The Brazilian was strangled by fighters an order of magnitude weaker than Islam. Video

Evgeny Narizhny

Surely Charles is already thinking about how to knock out the Russian in the standing position.

On the evening of October 22 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Islam Makhachev will fight for the lightweight championship belt against Charles Oliveira. The Russian fighter is on a 10-fight streak and is considered the favorite in the upcoming bout, but many UFC fans have no doubt that the Brazilian, who has built up a huge fan base in recent years, will win.

Of course, it’s not worth writing off Charles at all, but there are facts that bury his chances, and Islam’s lack of experience with top rivals does not change anything here. If Makhachev lost only once in his career by an accidental knockout, then the Brazilian repeatedly conceded in his own field – Oliveira was forced to surrender three times. It’s hard to imagine how Khabib’s successor knocks, but Oliveira’s surrender video can be easily found on the Internet.

Charles Oliveira

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The defeat from Jim Miller with a knee submission in 2010 can be attributed to inexperience and unpumped skills – after all, it was only the third fight in the UFC for young Charles. Much more strange are two consecutive strangulations from opponents who have passed the peak of their capabilities.

At the end of August 2016, Oliveira met with Anthony Pettis. Before the fight, the former champion of the lightweight division was on a series of three defeats, and the fight with the Brazilian was his debut in the featherweight division. The transition went to Showtime’s benefit – at the beginning of the third round, he caught Charles’s neck in a “guillotine”.

Two months later, Oliveira had a fight against Ricardo Lamas. A year and a half earlier, the American, without any visible chance, lost in the title to Jose Aldo and, in the interval between fights against two Brazilians, managed to lose twice more. With Lamas, Charles lasted even less than with Pettis – Ricardo forced the current uncrowned champion to surrender in the middle of the second five-minute period, and Oliveira was again caught in the “guillotine”.

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Miller, Pettis, Lamas – this trio is definitely inferior to Makhachev in skills. If Lamas succeeded in dominating Oliveira on the ground, then the Russian will definitely not see this as a problem. Boxing of Islam has not stopped developing since the fight against Adriano Martins, but Oliveira is good in this aspect. It is possible that the Brazilian will rely on the stand, and the trash talk about the beginning of the fight on canvas is a typical attempt to confuse the opponent.

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