Pimblett’s brutal girlfriend is fire! Knocks out with his elbows, and then drinks with the fans. Video

Alexander Frolov

Alexander Frolov

Molly McCann is a classic “strong Brit”. Albeit in female form.

Just a few hours left before the next UFC tournament in London. Dana White frequented the capital of England for a reason: local fighters give a chic spectacle, and noisy fans create an incredible atmosphere. Several British stars will enter the octagon, including Tom Aspinall and Paddy Pimblett. By the way, Pimblett will be “with support”: his girlfriend Molly McCann will also fight in the tournament.

32-year-old McCann, nicknamed Meatball, will face American Hannah Goldie. The Englishwoman is not considered a favorite, but watching the fight is a must: Molly loves and knows how to arrange tough cuts, even though she doesn’t always come out of them as a winner. However, Meatball is loved not only for his flamboyant fighting style. The blonde is a classic “violent British” – with all the pluses and minuses.

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McCann is reminiscent of his friend Pimblett, with whom he spends a lot of time. Both come from the British “lower classes”, smiling and at the same time very quick-tempered. They like to eat more, regularly consume strong drinks and love football more than anything else. Once Paddy and Molly were even kicked out of the stadium: they were so carried away by insulting chants that they pissed off the stewards.

Naturally, Meatball and Buddy met in training. During the very first sparring, Pimblett decided to teach the girl a lesson for a gross mistake and without a doubt hit her in the face. Not the most pleasant acquaintance, but then they became real friends. Paddy and Molly try to play tournaments together and celebrate each other’s victories as brightly as possible. And the last fighting evening in London, McCann completely left on the shoulders of her friend.

Meatball gave a miracle knockout with an elbow.  Then she doused herself with beer and ran after her belt.  Video
Meatball gave a miracle knockout with an elbow. Then she doused herself with beer and ran after her belt. Video

However, Meatball is interesting not only for her friendship with Paddy or the fact that she is ready to drink with the fans immediately after the fight. Although she is already 32 years old, she continues to progress, while not losing in entertainment. It will not be easy to reach the title chance, but why not try? If Molly gets a third win in a row, Dana White could well nominate her. Uncompromising style and a huge army of British fans is what the UFC needs right now.

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