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UFC London: Blades – Aspinall, Jack Hermansson – Chris Curtis, how Curtis fought with a fan, video


“I can tear you in half!” A chubby fan pissed off a UFC fighter and was beaten up hard. Video

Evgeny Narizhny

The fat man until the last believed that he would knock out a professional.

On the evening of July 23 in London, England, the second British UFC Fight Night tournament in 2022 was held. Heavyweights Curtis Blades and Tom Aspinall met in the main event of the event, and Jack Hermansson and Chris Curtis fought in the co-main event.

American Chris Curtis, nicknamed Action Man, lost by unanimous decision and could not become a sensation of the year – he made his debut in the UFC just nine months ago, and if he defeated Hermansson, he would have entered the top 15. Such an opponent was too much for him, but Chris easily coped with one of the daring fans who challenged him.

Chris Curtis

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A few months before the UFC in London, an unknown man entered the hall where Curtis and top middleweight Sean Strickland are training. According to Strickland, he introduced himself as a street fighter, hit the coach and tried to convince those present that on the street his record was 200-0.

Then Curtis challenged the man to spar in a cage. The action man could easily knock out a distraught fan or just send him to the hospital with one punch, but Chris just wanted to teach him a lesson. “Hands up!” Curtis shouted, but the exhausted puffy didn’t hear, and a light hi-kick flew to his chin. And after a kick in the stomach, the street fighter bent over, and the fight was stopped. However, the man caught his breath a little and said that he would continue. Willpower is worthy of respect, but it is not clear to whom and what he wanted to prove.

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Curtis frankly felt sorry for the fat man, but still beat him, without wanting to. When the fan realized that he was unable to continue the fight, he provoked the fighter even more. The guy said that he would have knocked out Curtis if it were not for problems with cardio. “Put on the damn gloves or leave. I played with you, but I could have torn you in half. Do you know why I volunteered first, bro? Because everyone else here would ruin your life. If you can turn me off, do it. Prove it right now. I’m going to fucking change your life forever,” Curtis freaked out.

The fighter tried to calm down Sean Strickland, and at that moment the fan was pushed out of the hall. The others present didn’t want to risk another sparring session with the puffball. It is understandable – no one is ready to go to jail under the article for manslaughter.


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