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UFC London: Curtis Blades – Tom Aspinall, result of the fight, who won, Aspinall’s injury, Volkov’s tattoo


Bully Curtis didn’t even break a sweat. Volkov’s curse reached Aspinall

Denis Dorofeev

Now the Englishman will have a long rehabilitation.

The UFC away tournament in London has ended. It was closed by a fight between heavyweights Curtis Blaydes and Englishman Tom Aspinall … It was expected that the winner of the fight would become the next contender for the title fight. Blades rehabilitated his loss to Derrick Lewis with victories over Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Chris Dokos. And Aspinall confidently won all five fights in the UFC.

In the last fight, Tom ran over Alexander Volkov. And after the triumph, Tom copied Drago’s tattoo on his back, for which the Russian was criticized that she personifies evil. But apparently no one told the Englishman about it. Although the beginning of the fight did not portend anything of the kind, as the fighters actively got into the exchange. And Aspinall looked preferable.

But everything ended very dramatically for the Englishman. He landed a low kick to Blades’ knee and fell after a missed hit from Razor. But the local fighter held on to his knee. Apparently this is a consequence of an unsuccessful low-kick, and not a retaliatory strike from the American. Thus, Aspinall was out for a long time and suffered a bitter defeat. He has now been sidelined from wrestling for the belt indefinitely.

Perhaps the tattoo that Tom took played a fatal role. Here Volkov still has not been able to get even to the title. And now the English avenue has been burned on this. Therefore, before decorating your body, it is better to think about what you are stuffing. Consequences on the face.


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