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UFC Long Island: Ricky Simone vs. Jack Shore, result of the fight, feud between Peter Yan and Sean O’Malley, video


Sugar, stop dreaming about Jan. You have more dangerous neighbors. Video

Denis Dorofeev

Ricky Simon showed by the example of Jack Shore what is waiting for O’Malley.

Sean O’Malley continues to storm the top of the bantamweight division through brash statements on social media. And he does not let up even after a puncture in a fight with Pedro Munoz. However, he has very strong rating neighbors. So, at the UFC Long Island tournament, five fighters received bonuses for the best performance. One of them was the neighboring Sugar (nickname O’Malley. – Approx. “Championship”) Ricky Simon, who finished the undefeated Welshman Jack Shore in spectacular fashion.

Simon was on the 13th line of the rating, and Shor was on the 14th. Nevertheless, the undefeated Welshman was considered the favorite with a record of 16-0. Due to the difference in anthropometry (175 cm versus 167 cm tall) in favor of Jack Shore, the American constantly reduced the distance and tried to make a takedown. One attempt was successful, but control was not achieved. Therefore, Ricky pressed the Welshman to the net in order to prevent him from working in the rack. Thus, Simon took the first five minutes.

Shore began to take the initiative in the second round. And at first he did it – he pressed Simon to the net, interrupted in the rack and tried to make a takedown. However, by the middle of the fight, Ricky responded with a powerful slam, but Jack managed to get out of the hold.

And then Shore missed the right overhand towards, from which the Welshman was led away. Simon immediately rushed to finish off – Jack gave his back, which turned out to be a fatal mistake. The American came out for a choke hold, and the Briton clapped in surrender. Jack Shore suffered the first defeat of his career, and Ricky Simon won a very important victory for himself.

After the fight, Simon left a message for Sean O’Malley:
“O’Malley, the sugar show is over. I’m the cutest bantamweight.”

And thanks to such a bright performance, Ricky received not only a bonus $50,000, but also an increase in the rating. He moved up to 12th and passed O’Malley. Whether he needs Sugar now is a big question. But Simon showed, using the example of the undefeated Shor, what awaits the lanky American if they are brought into the octagon. Therefore, it’s time for Sean to forget about Petr Yan and focus on direct competitors. They don’t slumber.



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