Ukrainian biathlete leaves the Olympics due to health problems

Ukrainian biathlete Semerenko leaves the Olympics due to health problems

MOSCOW, 7 Feb – Ukrainian biathlete Valentina Semerenko has completed her performance at the 2022 Olympics due to health problems, reports citing President of the Ukrainian Biathlon Federation Volodymyr Brynzak.
On Monday, Semerenko failed to finish the individual race in Beijing. In the mixed relay, which took place on February 5, the 36-year-old Ukrainian ran in the first stage and entered the penalty loops three times.
“Valya wanted to rehabilitate herself for the relay race and started quickly, but the mountains are bad jokes, they punished her. As I understand it, Valentina lost consciousness or was close to it: her head was spinning and she could not continue the race. After an examination at the clinic, they decided to send her the next plane home – she can no longer help the team, (Anastasia) Merkushina will be announced instead,” Brynzak said.
Semerenko is the 2014 Olympic champion in the women’s relay, as well as a gold, two-time silver and three-time bronze medalist at the World Championships. In addition, she has seven gold, three silver and one bronze medals at the European Championships.


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