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Ukrainian Mighty sensationally lost in the high jump at the 2022 World Cup, who won, what are the results


The Ukrainian Mighty was given the gold medal of the 2022 World Cup. But she lost even without Lasickene

Andrey Shitikhin

The Russian champion was not allowed to the main tournament of the year even with a visa. And her main rival was only the second.

Three-time world champion in the high jump, Olympic champion Maria Lasitskene could only look from the outside at what was happening in her native sector at the World Championships in the USA. The Russian woman was not allowed into the main tournament of the year, not giving even the slightest chance to compete for the fourth victory.

All experts gave the gold medal to Yaroslava Moguchikh, the main rival of Lasitskene in recent years. But the Ukrainian athlete again failed to cope with the colossal pressure at the main start and lost.

“There are no more relationships”

Mighty this season has already managed to become the winter world champion, and in the summer season she went to Eugene with a victorious pace.

She easily qualified for the 2022 World Cup, and then made a loud statement about her relationship with Maria Lasitskene. The strongest jumper in the world, like the rest of the Russians, was simply not allowed to compete in accordance with the recommendations of the IOC. At the same time, Masha already had an American visa …

“There are no more relationships. Until February 24, all athletes communicated, we talked with Russian athletes, but after that everything changed. None of them wrote anything. They were silent.

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Many athletes say that this is not their problem. They do not understand that a special operation (the wording has been changed in accordance with the official position of the Russian Federation) of Russia in my country, in Ukraine … And they say: we cannot do anything. They can do anything. Why do they think so? Maria Lasickienė wrote a letter to Thomas Bach only three months later. And that’s all she wrote. Very bad,” Yaroslava said in an interview with NRK.

Four years ago, Mighty called Lasitskene her idol in sports.

One cool try Patterson

Perhaps the Mighty Ones lost their mood for the finals a little, deciding to express their emotions during the competition, and not after they are over. After all, Yaroslava was perfectly ready, which was shown by her last attempt at 2.04 m. The Ukrainian jumper easily flew over the bar, but slightly touched her with her leg, which she did not manage to straighten completely.

But this attempt was not decisive at all, but Yaroslava’s first jump of 2.02 m. She knocked down the bar, but the Australian Eleanor Patterson, who cleared the height on the first attempt, became the leader. At the winter world championship, 26-year-old Patterson became the second, but then her result was perceived rather as a jump above her head in every sense of the word. In Eugene, the Australian did not jump fantastically, but she tuned in perfectly for the main jump in her career at the moment.

In such a situation, the Mighty could only catch up. On the second attempt, with a height of 2.02 m, she managed without problems, but she could not jump. And again she was left without gold. Before the Tokyo Olympics, the Ukrainian was also considered the favorite, and Lasitskene did not compete and was recovering from an unpleasant injury. At the decisive moment, Masha did not flinch, but Yaroslav did not cope.

Apparently, it’s too early for her to reach the very top.

Yaroslava Mighty, Eleanor Patterson and Elena Vallortigara

Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty Images

“One cannot take lightly the removal of an entire nation”

The new champion threw out all her emotions when she jumped 2.02 m, setting both a personal best and an Oceania record.

When Mighty hit the bar in the final attempt at 2.04m, Eleanor Patterson only smiled, although she could already start running around the stadium and give up her last jump at this height. But no, she went to jump, but completely exhausted from happiness.

She was generally not so emotional, although she achieved the main victory in her career. And she also spoke about the fact that Maria Lasitskene was not in the sector, and in general, not a single representative of Russia was allowed into the 2022 World Cup.

“It’s hard to talk about this topic, I’m not going to lie. You see both sides of this story. You don’t see the whole story at the same time. It’s disappointing to see that someone with such high talent and awards is not here. But in the end, the sport became so political.

It is obvious that the special operation (the wording has been changed in accordance with the official position of the Russian Federation), which is going on right now, is very public, it is covered a lot. Unfortunately, we as a society have pushed everything aside and have not identified other conflicts. But I would not want to take lightly the decision to exclude an entire nation, ”said the champion.

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