Ukrainian weightlifters suspended due to possible doping

Two Ukrainian weightlifters were suspended before the World Cup due to suspicions of doping

MOSCOW, 3 Dec – Ukrainian weightlifters Ruslan Kozhakin and Bogdan Taranenko are suspected of violating anti-doping rules, according to the website of the International Doping Testing Agency (ITA).
Trimetazidine was found in doping samples of athletes taken on October 27 in the out-of-competition period before the 2022 World Championships. Kozhakin and Taranenko have been temporarily suspended from the competition for the duration of the investigation.
In addition to them, the ITA suspended Egyptian weightlifter Ahmed Emad Mohamed on suspicion of using growth hormone and Dominican Sakarias Bonnat after detecting traces of a banned substance.
The World Weightlifting Championship will be held December 5-16 in Bogotá.


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