Does not respect Fedor and lost a million on bets. 7 joints of the great and terrible Dana White

Evgeny Narizhny

Evgeny Narizhny

7 little-known facts about the great Dan White

Not a word about low fees for fighters – the UFC boss has sinned enough without it.

The UFC is unimaginable without Dana White – the genius manager came into the league in 2001 and made it the leading promotion in the world. On July 28, Dana turned 53 years old. There is no doubt about the coolness of the UFC boss, so we recall his main jambs.

Didn’t wear a mask during the peak of the pandemic

For all the time while covid was rampant, Dana stubbornly refused to wear a mask. Cameras have never captured him wearing a mask at any of the UFC events, although other promotion officials have always observed protection measures against the virus.

White does not deny this fact and is even proud of it, which he has repeatedly stated in interviews. In addition, Dana was sick with coronavirus and was treated with alternative methods that Joe Rogan advised him. White rejects the way to fight covid with the help of self-isolation and believes that this is a waste of time.

Dana White

Dana White

Photo: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Paid heavy fines to spite the neighbors

In 2008, a swimming pool with noisy waterfalls was installed in the backyard of White’s house. The neighbors were disturbed by extraneous sounds – they filed a lawsuit and won the case. By court order, Dana must dismantle the pool and pay a fine of $ 2,000 per month until the noisy structure is removed. But White did not change anything – to spite the neighbors, he simply pays a fine every month. Can afford.

Dependent on rates

Dana admitted that he studies betting lines for any sporting event that he watches. White bets huge sums – when he first charged $1 million, the boxer he chose lost by knockout. This did not stop the UFC boss – he calls himself a betting degenerate and believes that this entertainment makes him happier.

Suffering from shopaholism

For the most part, this applies to sneakers – the boss of the UFC can buy from 10 to 15 pairs a week. Dana admitted that he is a fan of adidas and used to hang out on the company’s website, creating designs for himself. At the same time, White realizes that buying shoes so often is not entirely normal.

Thinks Fedor is overrated

Dana stated this back in 2011, when Emelianenko Sr. gave out a series of three defeats in Strikeforce. After being knocked out by Dan Henderson, White announced the firing of The Last Emperor: “Yes, he is fired. Why did we decide so? Why do you think we should keep it? You thought he was one of the best in the world, but I knew he was overrated all these years.”

Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko

Photo: The Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Image

After 10 years, Dana has not retracted his words. “I shouldn’t consider him overrated anymore because he knocked out Timothy Johnson? I saw Fedor say about me a couple of weeks ago: “He’s all about money.” First, I don’t know Fedor personally. He doesn’t know me. We met only once. It was then that he himself had to run into money, when we talked on this island, I don’t remember its name anymore. And if he then ran into money, then he would not need to fight now at 45 years old. I once offered him a contract. And, I am sure, this contract still haunts him when he lies in bed at night. We tried to sign it. But now I don’t see a chance that he will fight with us, ”White said at a press conference after UFC 267.

Twice expelled from Catholic school

Dana was a difficult teenager. According to White, he was kicked out of the religious school twice. This first happened after White kicked in the door, and the sneaker flew off his foot and almost hit the nun.
The second time Dana was expelled for fighting. The future UFC boss saw a classmate torturing a toad. White stood up for the amphibian, and a fight broke out, but instead of a medal for heroism, Dana was kicked out again.

Set a UFC fighter on a security guard

One day at a Boston hotel, White overheard a security guard savagely criticizing the UFC, including fighters and management. The boss did not like this much – he suggested that the guy compete with Chuck Liddell. If the guard held out for five minutes, Dana promised to pay him $1,500.

Security agreed, and Dana pulled Liddell out of the room. The fighter quickly put the critic’s neck in a “guillotine”, and he surrendered, shouting that he could not see anything. White still paid the loser $ 1.5 thousand and hurried to leave the scene.

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