“Ural” – “Krasnodar” forecast for the RPL match on July 29, 2022, live broadcast, where to watch online for free, broadcast

Ural – Krasnodar Spertsyan, Cordoba and Safonov will become stronger after 1:4 from Spartak

Sergey Skripnichenko

Sergey Skripnichenko

Igor Shalimov will again be left with nothing, bookmakers believe in him in vain.

On July 29, the match of the 3rd round of the Russian Premier League “Ural” – “Krasnodar” will take place. Start – at 18:00 Moscow time. Experts have already made a prediction, they give a slight preference to the hosts: you can bet on the victory of Ural in bookmakers with a coefficient of 2.47. The success of Krasnodar is estimated at 2.92. A draw is given a coefficient of 3.56.

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Odds of bookmakers for the match of the 3rd round of the Russian Premier League “Ural” – “Krasnodar” on July 29, 2022

Bookmakers are inclined to believe that the match “Ural” – “Krasnodar” will not be productive: the total over 2.5 goals goes for 2.03, and the total under 2.5 goals – for 1.91. If the hosts score, the odds will be 1.28. Away goal is available at bookmakers with odds of 1.36. They offer to bet on “both teams to score” for 1.77.

Analysis and forecast for the match of the 3rd round of the Russian Championship “Ural” – “Krasnodar” (29.07.2022)

Ural is now the only RPL team that has failed to score a single goal in two rounds. Do not be surprised at this, the problems of the Orange-and-Blacks with the attack have been going on for two seasons and are not being solved in any way. The third season has begun, in which the entire attack of the Urals depends on one Eric Bikfalvi, and the rest are not eager to help him. Romania is already 34 years old, if this season he slows down, which is quite possible, then it’s better not to even talk about the prospects.

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In the summer, “Ural” mainly strengthened the line of defense. Mingiyan Beveev came, Emmerson, Leo Goglichidze was bought from Krasnodar. Young people were recruited into midfield, plus Igor Konovalov came, who spent a good last season at Akhmat. An attempt to strengthen the attack by Alexei Kashtanov does not even look funny. So far, the club from Yekaterinburg confirms the fears associated with the struggle for survival in the new season.

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There is not much to tell about the game of Ural in the first two rounds. The defeat from CSKA was categorical, the orange-blacks managed to outrun the army team in possession of the ball, but at the same time did not create absolutely anything intelligible. With Orenburg, everything turned out even sadder, but then the removal intervened. In equal compositions, the game was equal, but there was a newcomer to the league among the opponents. It is unlikely that Ural wants to be equal to such teams.

In recent years, Ural has been a fairly convenient opponent for Krasnodar. Of the last six matches, the Bulls have won four, drawn one and lost one. Even at home, Ural lost to Krasnodar four of the last five matches. Last season, the Bulls defeated the Orange-and-Blacks twice, and they did it on the road with a big score.

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It’s no secret that Krasnodar is not what it used to be. The team devoted a lot of time to the academy and was proud of it, but foreign players often played a key role on the field, and in the end there were almost none left. Now the main legionnaires have fled, leaving only defenders Ramirez and Kayo, striker Cordoba and a trinity of Nigerian juniors.

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In the summer, an interesting Mihailo Banyats also came, but this is not at all the same level as before. Now Krasnodar is forced to suffer and rebuild. Although the team has its own margin of safety, which does not allow it to roll back very far from its usual high positions. Even the youth of Krasnodar looks more interesting than that of the same Ural. So it’s too early to write off the bulls.

After the first two rounds, everyone discusses refereeing in the match with Spartak and very rarely notes the game of the bulls. And they played both matches quite well. Yes, there are problems in defense, this line is still the weakest in the team. But Alexander Storozhuk has time to pull it up when the youth gain experience. There are few remarks to the “bulls” in the middle line and attack, everything is clearly not worse here than in others.

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Both teams are now in trouble, not in the best shape and not ready to show their best football. Ural’s problems look more serious, and the level is clearly lower than that of the opponent. Krasnodar must be very angry after the disappointing defeat in the last round. It would be very nice if Alexander Storozhuk could direct this anger in the right direction. If only no one thought of throwing it out in the same way as Chernikov. We would take a chance and take the victory of Krasnodar.

Forecast and bets for the match of the 3rd round of the Russian Premier League “Ural” – “Krasnodar” July 29, 2022

After two rounds, both teams were in the nominal relegation zone. Not at all what they expected from them. Ural lost both matches by one wicket, but the games were away. Krasnodar lost points twice at home, but you can only scold him for the first match with Fakel, all claims about the second can be safely sent to referee Levnikov, who turned one of the most interesting matches of the tour into a farce. It cannot be denied that Krasnodar has clearly become weaker in the summer, but by no means so much as to be an underdog in a match with Ural. Too tempting odds are given to the guests to just pass by this match.

Bid: victory of Krasnodar for a coefficient of 2.92.

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