Uruguay – South Korea – 0:0, review and match statistics, November 24, 2022, FIFA World Cup

Are we watching the World Cup for boring matches? Even Suarez and Cavani looked terrible

Dmitry Zimin

Dmitry Zimin

Uruguay - South Korea - 0:0, review of the World Cup match

We count how many times you fell asleep during the match Uruguay – South Korea.

The feeling that the composition of Uruguay has not changed for decades. In defense, all the same Godin and Jimenez, in the attack Suarez and Cavani. And then there are Caceres and Muslera. We saw the same names 4, 8 and even 12 years ago. Unfortunately for Uruguay, the process of generation change in the team is not going as fast as some would like. However, if the veterans are in order, why not use them?

However, the first half of the match with South Korea showed a trend that was especially pronounced at this World Cup. You can not beat someone only at the expense of surnames. And the general class of the team. An opponent in this scenario can easily turn on speed, cunning and fight for every ball. After that, all your benefits fade. Korea played against Uruguay in much the same way that Japan played against Germany. I gave the ball away, but constantly pressed, tried to intercept it and create danger at the opponent’s goal.

But the saddest thing is that Uruguay did not know at all what to do in attack. In the first minutes of the second half, the “creativity” of the team was like a carbon copy: the defenders roll the ball with each other, then there is a long throw. A loss, a new interception, and the defenders again turn on the interaction under which you want to fall asleep. A couple of times Uruguay was attacked due to Nunez’s speed. And Suarez and Cavani looked terrible. They didn’t make any sense at all.

Uruguay - South Korea, World Cup 2022 match

Uruguay – South Korea, World Cup 2022 match

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And if South Korea had a couple of higher-level players, they would definitely score at least one goal. Because moments arose. But time after time, the Kims and their partners used the chances too ridiculously. Either a strange shot from afar, or extra movements in the penalty area. They learned how to play defensively. But there are still problems with the attack.

It seems that Uruguay created the only dangerous moment in the last minutes. But its implementation would be a real injustice. So far, Uruguay and Korea have definitely played the most boring match of the tournament. One shot on target in 90 minutes. xG – 1.04 for two. In general, this is the fourth goalless draw in 14 World Cup matches.

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What a powerful, but at the same time difficult to explain dissonance compared to the World Cup in Russia, when there was only one goalless draw in the entire tournament. Experts will say that the matter is in a small amount of time for preparation, injuries and something else. But the feeling is that the teams are either afraid to open up during matches and play football for spectators, or they are really simply not ready for such a tournament. Didn’t have time to train.

Maybe at least by the playoffs in Qatar there will be teams that play, and do not suffer on the field. Everyone is definitely interested in this.

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