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Guillermo Varela (right) and Stanislav Krytsyuk - 1920, 08/08/2022

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MOSCOW, 8 Aug – Uruguayan football player Guillermo Varela, who moved from Dynamo Moscow to Brazilian Flamengo, using FIFA permission, said that he had warned the Russian club in advance about his departure and did not consider his actions an escape.
Flamengo announced the signing of Varela on 30 July. Previously, the player did not take part in the match of the second round of the championship of Russia against “Torpedo”. Dynamo said that the player did not show up at the club’s location on the day of the game. “White-blue” consider the player’s actions as a violation of contractual obligations. According to Dynamo, Varela informed the club of the suspension of the contract for the 2022/23 season unilaterally, and the club reserves the right to defend its interests in international sports authorities. Dynamo also stressed that the club did not coordinate the transfer of Varela to Flamengo and did not conclude any agreements with either the Brazilian club or the player.
“When you get an offer from Flamengo, it is very difficult to say no. Also, FIFA gave foreigners the right to leave Russia, and I had already considered this option before I received an offer from Flamengo. My last day at the club was not before the game against Torpedo, because I returned the day after the game, considering the possibility of exercising my right under the new FIFA regulations, ”esportes.yahoo.com quoted Varela as saying.
“On the day off, which was two days after the game (against Torpedo), we had a team dinner, I said goodbye to everyone. The departure of foreign players is not an easy situation, but this is a problem between Dynamo and FIFA. As a professional, I must to defend my career and just play by the rules of FIFA.The time in Russia was incredible, I have good memories.The club and the fans treated me well and the respect was mutual.I understand that the fans are angry because they only heard one version. But I did not run away, I warned that I was leaving the club,” the defender added.
FIFA in June extended permission for foreign players and coaches to suspend contracts with Russian clubs due to the situation in Ukraine. According to FIFA’s decision, if clubs belonging to the Russian Football Union (RFU) do not reach an agreement with their foreign players and coaches by June 30, 2022, and unless otherwise agreed in writing, these players and coaches will have the right to suspend contracts with with their clubs until 30 June 2023.



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