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“Venice” presented the third kit for the new season-2022/23

© Photo : Social networks of the Italian clubGreek model Theo Purliotopoulou in the new form of FC “Venice”

MOSCOW, July 21 – /strong>. The Italian football club “Venice” in their social networks presented the third, golden kit for the season 2022/23.
Greek model Theo Pourliotopoulou took part in the presentation of the T-shirt, inspired by the culture of Venice.
In social networks, the new form, as expected, made a splash. Fans reacted equally enthusiastically to other Venezia shirts. For example, the main equipment of the club for the new season received good reviews.
And here is what the second, guest set of the Venetians looked like:
Note that initially for the “Venice” was developed a different form. However, the team rejected the proposed design, and it went to the Yekaterinburg football club “Ural”.

“We always had the orange-green-black kit and the fans asked us to play in it. And we went back to these colors, the jerseys are really beautiful. How is Venice? Venezia wanted to get this kit, but they she refused. And they said – let the Urals take it better. And we took it, “the president of the bumblebees, Grigory Ivanov, told reporters.



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