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VIDEO: Former IPL chairman, Raj opened up about MS Dhoni’s return

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was about to return to the cricket field from the IPL, but due to the lockdown caused by Coronavirus. The tournament has been postponed till the next decision.

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Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni Photo : Twitter/BCCI

Former Indian Premier League (IPL) commissioner and chairman Rajiv Shukla has made a big statement regarding the return of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

In a news channel program, he said, ‘There are big things going on about Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Somebody says that they are not getting selectors in the team. Some are saying that he was not taken in the annual contract. Somebody says their game is over.

Nobody says right now they will play. Cricket is left inside them. Someone says will return soon. Someone says they will not come back. ‘

Rajiv Shukla further said, “I understand him a lot. He is called Mr. Cool, but I also consider him a very big strategist. When in the match it seems that India is losing at all.

Imran Khan’s spirit is seen in him, that he puts his mind in this way, makes such a strategy. Without anger, without any tension on his face, he devises such a strategy that India wins the match till the last day or the ball. This is Dhoni’s art. ‘

Rajiv Shukla said, “So they must have thought a lot about themselves as well. We keep talking about them sometimes. Based on that conversation, my own view is that on which day Dhoni himself will decide his retirement. No one will be able to retire them and no one will be able to force them. It seems to me that Dhoni has made up his mind that I no longer have to play for Team India. I want to give new boys a chance. I’m old now I have played a lot At this age, perhaps it would not be fair for me to play for Team India, because I should give 100% performance.”

According to Rajiv Shukla, “Maybe they think somewhere new people should be given a chance.” So maybe it is their own decision that I will not play, for India, but there is no need for retirement. Have to keep yourself fit. Have to play IPL and be involved in cricket. So even if they do not announce retirement, do not retire, but I have a firm idea that they are definitely sitting somewhere in their mind that I do not want to play.

Rajeev Shukla said, “Maybe it is because they may have told the selectors, team management, that I am not available for selection in the team.”

Therefore it would be absolutely wrong to say that he has been removed from the contract list. Or the selectors are not selecting them. People should be removed from the mind that Dhoni is not being selected deliberately or he is unable to play. People should remove the misconception from their minds that their name has been intentionally removed from the player’s contract list.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been away from international cricket since July last year. He played his last international match against New Zealand in the semi-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup. India had to face defeat in that match.

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