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VIDEO: Mohammad Shami and Yuzvendra Chahal live chat on Instagram

More than 200 countries in the world are under lockdown due to coronavirus. India also has been extended lockdown till 3 May 2020.

Mohammad Shami and Yuzvendra Chahal live chat on Instagram,Mohammad Shami, Yuzvendra Chahal
Mohammad Shami and Yuzvendra Chahal live chat on Instagram (Image source: Social Media)

That is why everyone is imprisoned in their home. Sports activities are at a standstill. The 13th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) has also been postponed indefinitely. However, it has not yet been officially announced.

This is the reason why players are trying to entertain their fans through social media. In the same sequence, on Tuesday late evening Mohammad Shami and Yuzvendra Chahal chatted live on Instagram.

During this both of them opened many secrets of each other. Shikhar Dhawan also joined the chat. According to his habit, Yuzvendra Chahal also enjoyed Shikhar Dhawan. Chahal said, “Shikhi bhaiya jaye bahi bahi ki bahut hai ki bata hai.”

During the conversation, Mohammed Shami made a ‘mocking charge’ on Yuzvendra Chahal. Actually, there was a discussion between Shami and Chahal about the behavior of seniors and juniors in the team.

Chahal was telling me that it has been two and a half years in the team, but the seniors have never let me feel that we are juniors.

Chahal said, ‘I, Kuldeep and Shreyas Iyer are the people who have made their debut a few years ago.’

In the meantime, Shami interrupted Chahal and said, ‘You guys do so much harm with us, I don’t think you guys think who’s there, senior. Pulls everyone out. ”However, Shami himself admitted that senior-junior should not be too much. Shami said, ‘All are playing at a good level. All are playing for India. All coming from different places. ‘

Shami will meet soon after the lockdown is over. Chahal laughingly said that after the lockdown people will meet everyone, but will not meet their family. On this, Shami said that in life he never stopped at home together. Chahal said that he has been living out since the age of 12-13.

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