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VIDEO: Mother did not want to make Kuldeep Yadav a cricketer, most regret of not winning World Cup

Kuldeep Yadav is the lead bowler of the spin department of Team India. He has been with the team continuously since 2017. He and Yuzvendra Chahal duo have won the team in many matches. But do you know that Kuldeep’s mother did not want to make him a cricketer.

Kuldeep Yadav wanted to be like Wasim Akram in childhood.
Kuldeep Yadav wanted to be like Wasim Akram in childhood. (Source-social media)

He wanted to see her son become a doctor, engineer or pilot. Kuldeep’s father wanted to make him a cricketer. This was revealed by his mother in the Cricbuzz program Spicy Pitch.

Kuldeep’s mother Usha Yadav said, “I had in mind a doctor, pilot or engineer. He thought it would be good. His father was not fond of playing. Gradually I started playing well, so my hobby also started to grow. His father used to say that he will play the World Cup one day. Very fond of the World Cup, but did not bring it to victory.”

Papa said,” It is a pleasure to play the World Cup. I get emotional on thinking. All their hard work. “

Kuldeep’s father said, “When there is a boundary on the son’s ball, the mother says in front of the TV – it is not like this should be done. At the same time, when I get a wicket, I ask you to stay at home. Shuts me in a room when a bad performance occurs. When successful, it is said that today is a good day.”

Kuldeep has taken 24 wickets in 6 Tests. In 60 ODIs, he took 104 and 21 T20 39 wickets in his name. In the IPL, Kuldeep has taken 39 wickets in 40 matches.

Kuldeep has revealed that he did not want to bowl spin. He said that he wanted to be like Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram. Kuldeep’s childhood coach Kapil Pandey asked him to become a Chinaman spinner.

The coach said, “When Kuldeep started playing here, I asked what he wanted to be, so he was Wasim Akram.” I said you can’t become that. Then he started looking at me and said that I swing the ball. After that I said that he is fine but your body is not that strong. it’s very hard.”

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