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VIDEO: MS Dhoni pulled Suresh Raina for a beard, now his own beard is looking white

The Indian Premier League (IPL) team Chennai Super Kings (CSK) shared a video on their Twitter account on Saturday, May 9. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Suresh Raina are seen in this video.

Dhoni said after hugging Raina softly – the beard turned white. When Dhoni said this about 2 months ago, he would not even know that after 2 months his beard would look white. On Friday, May 8, Dhoni’s beard appears white in the video shared from Jeeva Dhoni’s account.

The video is when the Chennai Super Kings players arrived at Chepak Stadium in Chennai to prepare for the 13th season of the IPL. Raina reached there before Dhoni. They were looking at the team photos. Meanwhile, Dhoni reached. Both players hugged each other.

During this time, Dhoni told him, “The beard turned white.” All the men around him started laughing. Dhoni then left from there.

A clear picture of Dhoni was also revealed for the first time in the lockdown. Earlier, she had a picture of herself riding a bike, but she was not clear. Dhoni is seen in a new look in this picture. His beard is quite elongated and white.

Looking at the picture, it seems that Dhoni has not cut his hair for a long time. After watching this video, many people on social media said that their lion is getting old now.

Dhoni has last appeared in the World Cup 2019 at the cricket ground. He was scheduled to return from the IPL, but the tournament has been postponed indefinitely due to Coronavirus.

Raina recently said in an interview that Dhoni is playing better than before. There is still a lot of cricket left in them. He should still play for India.

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