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VIDEO: Rohit Sharma told his retirement plan: Age 38-39

Indian team vice-captain Rohit Sharma told Australian opener, David Warner, about his retirement plan. Rohit told Warner during a live chat on Instagram that he would say goodbye to cricket at the age of 38 to 39.

He told Warner that I will retire before you. Rohit is currently 33 years old. He has played 32 Tests, 224 ODIs and 108 T20 matches for India. Rohit spoke with Warner on lockdown and many issues related to cricket.

Regarding the lockdown, Rohit said, “I have read that people in Australia can go to restaurants, cafes and outside. You can go out for home goods in India. I have no idea about it. “Warner, looking at the craze in India over alcoholism, said,” First of all, I apologize to the Indian fans for talking about this matter. ” After a long time, liquor shops open there. People are going to buy it in large numbers. “

To this, Rohit said, “On the first day of the shop opening, people were waiting to buy liquor by putting a line for 2 km. Many people were on the road. They could have been infected with coronavirus. “On the family related question, Rohit said,” The child and wife (Ritika) are happy to be at my house. Living with family is very important. As a cricketer, we stay away from them. Family is very important. After the career is over, the family will be with you. My career will end for 38 to 39 years. “

Warner asked Rohit how you came back after losing 5 consecutive matches in 2014. How inspired the players. To this, the captain of the Mumbai Indians said, “That was very difficult. The team had a difficult time. Fans and franchisees expect a lot from us. We lost the first 5 matches in Dubai. I was lucky to have Ricky Potting with the team. They just talk to young players. They know that senior players understand their responsibilities. Everything changed when we came back to Mumbai.’

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