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VIDEO: Virat Kohli had broken blind faith due to MS Dhoni, the century was rooted in the next match

There are many people in the world who adopt some tricks for their success. Cricketers are also no different. There have been reports earlier about the blind faith and tricks of the cricketers.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

However, hardly anyone knows that the name of Indian cricket team captain Vitat Kohli was also included in the list of such cricketers long ago.

But after the advice of one person, he avoided all these things. Yes, the person giving the advice is none other than the former captain of Team India and Mr. Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Virat Kohli made this disclosure in India TV show Aap Ki Adalat. Anchor Rajat Sharma questioned him, “Do you tie a black thread to the wrist to do black magic on enemies.” To this Virat said, “I don’t believe in tricks. I tie a black wristband because I have been wearing it since the beginning. One cannot wear white wrist bands with the blue uniform of ODI, because the ball is white.’

He said, “I was superstitious at first, but that brings a lot of pressure.” Meaning is a globs. You are being played by him. When it explodes, you will feel that no more runs will be scored. I was superstitious before, but I am not now. ”To this Rajat Sharma asked,“ Earlier it used to be that when there was a big match, I did not practice the net a day before that. ”

Virat said, “Yes it used to happen sometimes, but when you start playing more then after that it depends on how you feel on that day. You never mind batting before a match, never do. So earlier I used to think about all these things, but now I don’t think. ‘

Rajat Sharma asked, “Have you ever thought that you gave up all these superstitions and your performance has become very good again.” To this Virat Kohli said, “Yes, I happened to be in England. I was not very successful in the West Indies Test series, so my mindset was not very good. I was feeling very low myself. When I returned to India, I also got back injury. Then I stayed alone 15 days in Bangalore (NCA). ‘

Virat said, “Later on when I got fit, I got selected in the team. That series was very important for me because it is very important to come back after injury. In that series, I scored runs in the first match, they could not get runs in the next three matches. I got a little depressed. MS Dhoni called and spoke on this. They felt that the mood was not right. ‘

Kohli said, “He asked what the problem was.” Then I told that this is my mindset. Then he said don’t think about anything. Just go and play. ”Virat said,“ Our last ODI was in Cardiff. So in that match I came to the crease with a new wrist band, new globs, new pads, new bat meaning everything new, which I had not played even once, and in that match, I made a century. After that, I stopped thinking at all that all these things made a difference. 

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