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VIDEO: Virender Sehwag appealed to donate food, said – Supply of good should not stop

Former Indian team Virender Sehwag has appealed to the people to provide food to the poor-laborers trapped in the lockdown. Sehwag did this by sharing the video on Instagram.

The former opener said that whatever the situation, the supply of good should not stop. Due to the lockdown, workers from many states of India are walking to their homes on foot. However, the government has now agreed to run trains and buses for them.

Sehwag said, “While batting, I used to stand in the crease and take out my work without moving my feet. In the situation that we are all going through, it is important that we stay at the crease, that is, to stay at home and serve people. The Virender Sehwag Foundation is making a small effort. 100 people have to cook at home. For that, you will only need 5 to 6 kilos.”

Veeru continued, “Make food that can be easily packed. You cook and message us. Our team will reach you. If you cannot do this much, then feed the people around you. Make food by staying at home. You can give gloves, masks to your home vegetable provider, scavenger, guards and workers. You can give them syrup in the afternoon.”

Sehwag said that stay anywhere in the crease and help. The former opener further said, “The government has to follow whatever rules you have made for your zone. Feed them with love, because the supplier of goodness should not stop.”

There is a lockdown till May 17 in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also announced Lockdown 4. The government will soon give more information about it to the people.

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