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Virat Kohli was having live chat on Instagram with Kevin Pietersen

COVID-19: The entire world is a lockdown for Coronavirus. This is the reason that all major sports competitions have either been canceled or they have been postponed for some time.

Virat Kohli was having a live chat on Instagram with Kevin Pietersen, Virat Kohli, Kevin Pietersen
Virat Kohli and Kevin Pietersen (Image source: Social Media)

Because of this, players are forced to stay inside their homes. However, they are also enjoying this time and spending quality time with family. During this time, they are trying their best to entertain fans through social media.

The latest case relates to Virat Kohli, his wife Anushka Sharma and former England cricket team captain Kevin Pietersen. Kevin Pietersen shared a screenshot after a live chat on Instagram with Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. This screenshot is becoming quite viral.

In the caption, he wrote, “When the boss says that time is over, it means time is over!” @anushkasharma @Virat.Kohli ‘. After this, he also posted several Rolling on the Floor Laughing emoji. He further wrote that I hope you all enjoy it? Just two friends were gathered.

The reason for this screenshot going viral is Anushka Sharma and hence Kevin Pietersen wrote such a caption. In the caption, his gesture towards the boss is only towards Anushka Sharma. Actually, in between the chat of Peterson and Kohli, Virat’s wife and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma commented, Come on, let’s have dinner time.

Anushka’s comment did not escape Peterson’s eyes. Nowadays, being famous for tweeting in Hindi, Kevin took a screenshot of it. Virat Kohli did not comment on this, but he has definitely liked Peterson’s post.

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