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Virat Kohli, who was angry at the umpire’s decision not to give out Root

Former England captain Virat Kohli has been criticized by Indian skipper Virat Kohli for expressing displeasure against a decision by umpire Nitin Menon on the third day of the Chennai Test. Former English captain Michael Vaughan said that Kohli is a big player. They cannot scare the umpire on the field. It may be that the umpire’s decision is not right, but as a captain you cannot do it.

Like Vaughan, former English captain Nasir Hussain did not accept Virat’s behavior. Hussain said that the Indian team and captain took 15 seconds to decide whether to take DRS against the umpire’s decision. They did not know properly that they are asking for a review for this thing. If he was so confident that the batsman is out, then why did he not take DRS immediately. Why did Team India take so long to take a review?

David Lloyd also has a similar opinion. He said about the Indian captain’s behavior on the field that he cannot talk to the umpire like this. He had to present a good example as a captain. The team management should talk to the captain for such behavior. Because it did not look good on the field.

Actually, the last over of the third day of Chennai Test was done by left-arm spinner Akshar Patel. On the very first ball of the over, wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant appealed for a catch against England captain Joe Root. But field umpire Nitin Menon turned down the appeal. After this, Pant asked Captain Kohli to take DRS. Kohli took DRS. The replays showed that the ball did not hit the bat. This means that he was saved from the catch-out appealed against Root.

But the ball tracking showed that this letter ball hit the root pad directly. In such a situation, he was getting stuck on LBW. But India did not get root’s wicket due to umpires’ call. Seeing this, Kohli was enraged and started talking to umpire Menon. He was displeased with the umpire’s decision. There was a long debate between the two. But the umpire’s decision did not change. Coach Ravi Shastri, who was sitting in the dressing room, also expressed his unhappiness over this decision by pointing.

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