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Virat Kohli’s reason for being vegetarian is revealed in the interview – Kevin Pietersen

All Sports tournaments around the world have been canceled or postponed due to coronavirus.

Virat Kohli, KevinPietersen
Virat Kohli and KevinPietersen

In such a situation, players have got a break. They are engaging with fans by making videos, putting photos on social media and going live on Instagram.

On Thursday, March 2, former England captain Kevin Pietersen interviewed Virat Kohli on Instagram. During this time, Kohli revealed when and why he became a vegetarian.

During Instagram Live, Peterson asked Kohli about being a vegetarian. The Indian captain said, “I had a problem in my back when we went to South Africa in 2018. It was very painful. Could not sleep at night. My body was acidic. The bones were weakened. After that I stopped eating meat in the middle of a tour of England. Changed completely as a vegetarian. You feel lighter, your body changes. “

Peterson then asked Virat how your name was Chiku. On hearing this, he started laughing. He said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has made it famous. Let us tell you that Dhoni used to call Virat as Chiku from behind the wicket.

Kohli further said, “The Delhi team was playing a Ranji match in Mumbai. He did not even play a total of 10 first-class matches at that time. He was in the team that included Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Rajat Bhatia, and Mithun Manhas. He was very happy to be with her in the dressing room. “

The Indian captain continued, “One evening I returned to a nearby salon with a haircut. It was a new look. I asked everyone how it looks, then assistant coach Ajit Chaudhary said that you look like Chiku. Since then, Chiku was named and I don’t even mind. “Kohli is the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. The team has not become a champion even once.

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