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Virendra Sehwag shared an interview about his playing style

Virendra Sehwag said in the interview that he plays for every ball 6 or 4 hits. His only goal then was to pass the ball boundary. Virender Sehwag is extremely popular and a very good batsman.

Whatever be the format of cricket, any team in front, no bowler in the world, Sehwag’s style of playing did not change. His batting system was very different from that of others. When he was batting, he used to sing and batting.

Even though he has retired from cricket, Sehwag remains active on social media. He has shared a video on the social media account, dating back 4 years.

In which Veeru hits a six off Alan Donald of South Africa. Sehwag also added a message along with the video that he was humming a song of his choice (kaise bataen ki tujhako chaahen, yaara bata na paen…) when he was hitting Donald’s ball.

Writing the caption of this, he said that life or batting should just be sung to his tune.

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