Vitamin droppers: when they are needed and how they can be dangerous

Svetlana Perez

Svetlana Perez

Vitamin droppers: why are they needed and why are they dangerous?

Incorrectly selected medicines can lead to serious health problems.

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What are vitamin drops? How can they be useful and how harmful?

Many have heard about the lack of vitamins and try to make up for them in one way or another. Someone tries to eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables, someone picks up vitamin complexes, and someone chooses special droppers. Such infusions can be done both in the clinic and at home and often without any appointments, prescriptions and recommendations from the doctor. But is it really as effective as they say, and is this procedure suitable for absolutely everyone?

How do vitamin drips work?

They say that with intravenous infusions, all 100% of the nutrients will quickly reach the nucleus of cells and fulfill their biochemical tasks. But it is not so. Man is a creature with a complex individual structure of biochemical reactions.

Yes, when administered intravenously, the substance actually enters the bloodstream immediately (unlike taking drugs orally, when part of the vitamin may not be absorbed). But the final goal of taking vitamins is their participation in the necessary biochemical reactions and, as a result, improving the state of the body.

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What can be dangerous droppers

Vitamins for a dropper can be chosen incorrectly, moreover, there may be too many of them. In the best case, the body will cope and remove the excess on its own. A conditionally healthy body quickly compensates for the excess. But in fact, few people decide to take a vitamin drip if they feel good. And in this case, it is easy to get an “overdose” and provoke negative processes in the body, for example, some diseases.

The fashion for intravenous vitamins is not new. In the 1970s in the United States, Dr. John Myers used the “Myers cocktail” of vitamins and minerals, calling it “a cure for many diseases.” But the exact composition of this complex is still unknown.

When are vitamin drips really needed?

Intravenous administration of vitamins and minerals may be a necessity, an emergency, or part of a treatment program. For example, if a person has an autoimmune disease of the gastrointestinal tract or impaired absorption of nutrients at the intestinal level.


Of course, you can and should use intravenous vitamin infusions if they are prescribed by a doctor. In this case, the specialist must take into account:

  • individual needs of the body in certain complexes and substances;
  • compatibility of vitamins and their forms for greater efficiency,
  • dosages with an emphasis on the patient’s energy and functional status, the level of his detoxification system and the ability to assimilate.

In the case of people with high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, improperly selected vitamins can lead to fatal consequences. For example, the same form of vitamin B12 can both positively and negatively affect blood pressure. A sudden change in electrolyte levels can lead to sudden heart failure.

Are there droppers that suit everyone

Each vitamin has many different forms, each of them, even at the genetic level, is absorbed differently. Therefore, there can be no “standard cocktails” that suit everyone. As well as the safe general scheme of infusions of these substances.

Therefore, in the case of vitamin droppers, it is better to consult a specialist. It will help to make an individual solution and a scheme for a dropper.

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