“This Euro sucks.” The tournament was a nightmare for one of the best players in the world

Ulyana Lukyanchenko

Ulyana Lukyanchenko

Vivianne Midema

The highest paid player in the English Super League was supposed to light up at Euro 2022, but for her the tournament was the worst.

“This whole tournament sucks for me. I can’t ignore it or say otherwise. I tried to give everything to my team. I think I can be proud that I was able to give at least something. But now I feel only disappointment, ”Midema said after the elimination of the Netherlands national team in the quarter-finals of Euro 2022. France beat the Dutch on Saturday with a 1-0 penalty after extra time.

Midema played the full match and received a lot of criticism on social media. True, she did not deserve this criticism at all. Euro 2022 has become a complete nightmare for her, but not through her fault.

The cause of the injuries of the main stars of Euro 2022 has been found!  This is an English artist.
The cause of the injuries of the main stars of Euro 2022 has been found! This is an English artist.

Good spring and bad summer

Vivianne is a legend of the Netherlands national team and the best scorer in the history of the team. She has 94 goals in 112 matches. And she is also the leader in goals in the English Super League, 74 goals.

At the end of May, the striker extended her contract with London’s Arsenal, for which she has been playing since 2017. She turned down offers from other European clubs, including last season’s top newsmakers, Spain’s Barcelona. Under the new contract, Midema became the highest paid player in the English Championship – her salary will be £ 250 thousand per year.

Vivianne Midema at Arsenal

Vivianne Midema at Arsenal

Photo: Kate McShane/Getty Images

“Why did I refuse Barcelona? This is a very strong club, but in England it is the strongest championship in which there are no passing matches. I want to fight for three points in every game. I think the Spanish league will someday come to this, but now there is no such competition, ”Midema said after renewing the contract.

Midema was one of the best players at home to the Netherlands in Euro 2017. She scored four goals – two of them in the final of the tournament (4:2), which brought the Dutch trophy. At the 2019 World Cup, her goals became decisive (the Netherlands reached the final), and at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Dutchwoman broke the Olympic record for the number of goals, scoring 10 goals in four matches.

Vivianne Midema

Vivianne Midema

Photo: Naomi Baker/Getty Images

She was supposed to be one of the main stars of Euro 2022. Most of the fans, both from England and the Netherlands, bought tickets to watch her play. But things didn’t go according to plan.

120 minutes on the pitch right after coronavirus

Midema played a full match in the first round of the Euro group stage, which ended in a draw against Sweden. And then she passed a positive test for coronavirus. The Dutch victories over Portugal (3:2) and Switzerland (4:1) happened without her participation.

On July 15, Midema celebrated her 26th birthday in complete isolation. The team came to congratulate her at the windows of the hotel. It looked very sweet and sad at the same time. Midema cried as she listened to holiday songs from her friends and coaching staff.

Midem managed to recover in time for the quarterfinal match against France. Without training and time for rehabilitation, she came out at the start and played all 120 minutes of this meeting. The French pulled out a ticket to the semi-finals thanks to a penalty earned in extra time.

She landed three shots on goal and ran over 12 kilometers. You could see how hard it was physically.

Vivianne Midema after France v Netherlands match

Vivianne Midema after the match between France and the Netherlands

Photo: Naomi Baker/Getty Images

“If you are going to blame Vivianne Miedema for the defeat, you are ignorant and football is not for you,” one Twitter user wrote in defense of the football player.

“I’m devastated,” Midema said as the Netherlands’ run for Euro 2022 was completed. “I just want to go home.”

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