CSKA in the new season: Fedotov will not bring trophies, but there will be medals

Pyotr Kondakov

Pyotr Kondakov

Vladimir Fedotov headed CSKA

There is little time to rebuild the team, but the leadership will not regret it.

CSKA made, perhaps, the loudest coaching transfer of this off-season to the RPL. Vladimir Fedotov – almost the number 1 coach in Russia at the end of last season – led the army team. What now awaits the club – a glorious return to winning times?

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Restructuring is inevitable

In fact, a summer break for a change of philosophy is not the best story. It’s simple – too little time. Fedotov accepted CSKA and the next day held the first training session. For everything about everything, the coach has a month. Probably, this will be enough for the team to accept coaching ideas. But the question is also in the configuration.

But CSKA has problems here. First of all, the problem is on the right in defense, as Mario Fernandez suspended his career. There are already rumors that Serbian defender Milan Gajic will sign a contract with the army team, but he still needs to be included in the team’s game.

A striker would not hurt either: there is Anton Zabolotny, but this is not enough. Adolfo Gaich returned from loan, but is the Argentine ready to perform consistently at the RPL level? In the Spanish Segunda, Gaich did not succeed. After the departure of Gbamen, there is a need for a defensive midfielder, and I would like to strengthen the center of defense. Finally, it is not clear whether Yusuf Yazici will be in the team, the redemption of the Turkish leader of the team’s attacks in the spring is still in question.

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Even if all these issues are resolved by the start of the season, it will take time to adapt and teamwork. Only one thing calms – almost all competitors also have a lot of problems.

CSKA will not become a champion, but will be in the top three

Of course, fans of the army team dream of the championship, but, objectively, it will be incredibly difficult to compete with Zenit for the title in the new season. The Petersburgers have a well-rounded line-up, there are no changes on the coaching bridge, and the personnel resource will be more powerful. In addition, this season there will be no European cups, on which the Semak team concentrated in the fall, allowing itself to lose points in the RPL.

Odds for CSKA to win the championship – 15.00. And I don’t want to bet on the army. Fedotov is not one of those who instantly gives results, he needs time to build a team according to his patterns.

But the odds of 4.00 that CSKA will be in the top 2, and 2.30 that the red and blue will be in the top three, are much more interesting and realistic. Zenit is unlikely to fail, and bookmakers put CSKA on a par with Dynamo, Lokomotiv, Spartak and Sochi.

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What can be said about these clubs? Three of them have changed coaches, which means they will inevitably face the same problems as CSKA. Dynamo is likely to lose Sebastian Shimansky, one of the most important links in the center of the field. Victor Moses may leave Spartak, and Guillermo Abascal, the new red-and-white mentor, looks like a pig in a poke. Lokomotiv did not change the coach, but they also have a not entirely clear situation both in leadership and in terms of composition.

So it turns out that against the background of competitors, CSKA looks, if not an island of stability, then at least a team that clearly knows where to move. Let’s insure ourselves and predict a place in the top three of Vladimir Fedotov’s team.

Bid: CSKA will take from 1st to 3rd place in 2.30.

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