What awaits CSKA with Fedotov? No immediate results

Pyotr Kondakov

Pyotr Kondakov

Vladimir Fedotov is the new head coach of CSKA

Army men need to be strengthened.

The saga with the appointment of a new head coach of CSKA is finally over. Vladimir Fedotov signed a contract with the club. This is an excellent coach who should help the army team complete the fifth place period. But bookmakers are still cautious in their expectations. We understand their predictions for the performance of CSKA in the new season.

It will be difficult to compete with Zenit in the RPL

With all the difficulties, CSKA has a fairly good springboard and potential lineup. However, it will be difficult to compete with Zenit in the realities of the RPL: ​​personnel capabilities are comparable, but still much higher for the St. Petersburg club. Bookmakers give the victory of the team of Sergey Semak odds of 1.30, and for CSKA – 15.00.

Exactly the same 15.00 offer Dynamo, Sochi and Spartak for the championship. All these teams are more or less equal in composition, in the selection of players. This means that coaching skills will decide a lot. Vladimir Fedotov has no problems with him. The only thing that can get in the way is that the team will need to get used to the coaching ideas. Fedotov is not a firefighter, he is a good tactician. Therefore, CSKA will need some time. However, all competitors who offer the same odds have also changed coaches. So everything is on an equal footing.

As for other markets, for 4.25 you can bet that CSKA will be in the top 2 at the end of the RPL season, and you can bet on the army team in the top three with a coefficient of 2.40.

Good chances for the Russian Cup

As for the chances of Fedotov’s CSKA to win the Cup of Russia, here the coefficient is 8.00. At the same time, the alignment is similar to the championship, except that the difference with Zenit is not so big. On the success of St. Petersburg give a coefficient of 4.00.

In Sochi, Fedotov did not particularly think about the Cup, performances in the RPL were much more important. It seems that in CSKA the coach will have to give 100% on two fronts. Moreover, the Russian Cup is becoming more prestigious.

What can prevent Fedotov? Understaff. If everything is more or less good ahead, although the center forward would definitely not hurt the team, then other positions require strengthening. Mario Fernandez left, this loss immediately exposes the right flank. Jean Gbamin did not convince me of his necessity in the spring, so there is also a vacancy in the support zone. We also need a central defender, there is no unshakable link here either. Plus, it is not yet clear how the story with Yusuf Yazici will end. The Turk proved to be great, but his redemption will cost the army team a pretty penny, and it has not yet been possible to agree with Lille. So Vladimir Fedotov has a lot of work to do together with the management. The composition needs to be strengthened. If it works out, CSKA fans can remember the championship times.

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