Red Tarzan is not so scary! Datsik was beaten in the boxing ring. Video

Alexander Frolov

Alexander Frolov

Datsik was beaten in the boxing ring.  Video

The scandalous giant was dissatisfied with the early stop.

At the age of 42, everyone should have such vigorous energy as Vyacheslav Datsik. The scandalous fighter seems to be trying to compensate for the years of his career lost during prison terms. Red Tarzan fights as often as possible and according to any rules – bare fists, boxing and even mixed martial arts. Today, Hardcore Boxing promotion has released a video of a tournament that took place a couple of weeks ago. In the main battle of which Datsik again performed.

Vyacheslav’s opponent in a boxing match was Islam Karimov, a fairly well-known athlete who performs mainly in pop MMA. The 23-year-old guy representing Tomsk is definitely not a full-fledged star, but he is progressing very quickly. Before the fight, Datsik noted that he was afraid of Karimov because of his young age and solid size. Tarzan planned to beat down his opponent’s speed with body shots.

However, already in the first seconds, Datsik overturned Islam with a powerful blow from the right. Karimov looked a little dumbfounded, but calmly got up and even withstood a few more hits. After that, he went on the attack, and already the Red Tarzan was knocked down! Realizing that it is quite possible to overturn each other, the athletes rushed into the cruelest exchange. The question was only in the endurance and strength of the jaws.

Datsik was the first to “swim”. Apparently, the considerable age affected. Soon Vyacheslav was in a standing knockdown – they even knocked out his mouthguard. During the break, the coach tried to psychologically pump up Tarzan, but he simply had no strength left. And at the start of the second round, the beating of Datsik began again, which was stopped by the referee. However, Vyacheslav’s side also threw in the towel. The loser tried to argue, but the stop was correct. Karimov just turned out a little better.

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