Agreement? No, guys, mutual respect for Monson and Datsik

Denis Dorofeev

Denis Dorofeev

Vyacheslav Datsik - Jeff Monson.  Review

And so, yes. You took your prize money from the offices.

On the evening of August 5, another REN TV Fight Club took place. This time the card was headed by Vyacheslav Datsik and honored MMA veteran Jeff Monson. Red Tarzan is 42 years old, but he is experiencing a second youth. What he reflected on Bigfoot Silva this summer. And Monson is 51 years old. And he, on the contrary, was slipping into a well-deserved pension. Moreover, the duel against Alexander Emelianenko on bare fists in February of this year did not convince anyone. Therefore, the execution of the Snowman was expected, even under the rules of MMA.

However, the fighters were able to surprise. At first, Datsik naively tried to drop Monson with a somersault. But the Snowman did not follow the example of Andrei Orlovsky and successfully dodged both in the first and third rounds. And then 51-year-old Jeff managed to put Tarzan on canvas and almost finished there. But if not for the two-minute format of the round, Monson would definitely have had time to score Datsik.

Therefore, Vyacheslav had no right to lose in the next two rounds. At first, he simply drove his age counterpart along the net and fired at his head and body. And in the final two-minute round, Datsik was able to throw the black belt holder in BJJ through himself. And it seemed that Vyacheslav finished Monson.

But Red Tarzan surprised us. Instead of beating his opponent, he showed respect to him and simply stroked the Snowman’s head with his fists. Then Datsik just stood up and gave Monson a chance for a takedown through the pass to the legs. Jeff was desperately chasing Glory, but this running around ended in nothing. As a result, the judges put up the same 29-28 in favor of Red Tarzan.

Fair victory in the class in the piggy bank Datsik. He showed that he was ready to fight with professional MMA fighters. And what happened to Monson is, first of all, respect for the opponent and pure skill without any cheating. Even at 42, Vyacheslav is still fine. Therefore, it is time for promoters from professional leagues to pay attention to Red Tarzan.

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