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Watford players abandoned training after cases of COVID-19: Media Reports

The captain and other Watford players refused to train after three positive coronavirus tests at the club, Athletic reports.

On Tuesday, the English Premier League announced that six cases of coronavirus infection in three teams were identified by a check of 748 players, coaches, and club league staff.

According to the publication, at Watford, one footballer and two club employees were infected with the coronavirus. On Tuesday, another Burnley League club reported that assistant coach Ian Vaughan passed a positive virus test. As noted, the disease was also infected in Norwich City.

Earlier, the captain of “Watford” Troy Dini said that he would not return to training, because he did not want to put his five-year-old son at risk. The 31-year-old striker also had questions about the decision of the Professional Football Players Association (PFA), which called on the English Premier League to conduct additional studies on the impact of coronavirus on black, Asian, and ethnic minority players.

Following the captain, according to media reports, several other Watford players made the decision to abandon the training.

The season in the championship of England was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic in March. Matches may resume in June without spectators.

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