Don’t Do These 4 Exercises If You Want a Slim Waist

Exercises that harm a thin waist

They will only increase it in size.

The key to a beautiful waist is proper nutrition and reasonable exercise. We have prepared for you a selection of exercises that actually “kill” the waist, rather than make it thinner! When performing these exercises, muscles are pumped, and only dreams remain from a thin waist.

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The press, like any other muscle, is capable of growth. If we train the lateral abdominal muscles, they will increase in size and become more powerful. A striking example of this is the figure of boxers. It is important for them to have a powerful side press in order to actively work the body and have a strong core. Therefore, their waist is practically invisible.

Side bends with dumbbells

Many beginners think that by engaging the obliques with tilts, they will lose fat on the sides and reduce the waist. In fact, in this way we pump up the abdominal muscles, and they only become larger. Especially when working with weights.

Lateral extensions in the simulator

In this case, the situation is similar: we stretch the abdominal muscles and thereby make them grow. Leave this exercise to the men. And an excellent replacement for extensions will be lifting the torso on an inclined bench.

Tilts at the crossover block

This exercise will work in much the same way as lateral extensions, so girls should not do it. An excellent replacement would be twisting in the upper block. You will perfectly work out not only superficial muscle groups, but also internal ones.

Heavy weight squats

With this exercise, we usually swing our legs and buttocks, but sometimes we don’t even suspect how many other muscles are included in the work. All core muscles are involved here. And additional weights only strengthen and increase muscle tissue. It is better to squat with your own or very light weight, so you pump up the gluteal muscles.

For more information about these exercises, see the video.

Eliminate these harmful exercises from your training program, do not harm your waistline. Replace these exercises with the right ones so that your waist becomes thin and attractive. Train smart!

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