O Mortal Kombat 12 nothing is known at the moment, but I’m sure that when developing a new part of the fighting game, the developers will want to include even more characters, including guest heroes from other equally famous franchises, as was the case, for example, with Rambo and the Terminator.

Such cult horror villains as Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Alien and Predator have successfully fit into the world of Mortal Kombat, diluting the already familiar gameplay with new mechanics. So we decided to think about which other horror characters can be added to the list and seen, for example, in Mortal Kombat 12. If someone is forgotten, then it’s time to remind us about it in the comments!

Michael Myers

Opens the top main villain from horror films “Halloween”. And what, Jason was added, so why is Myers worse? His white mask has become as iconic as Jason’s hockey mask. And Myers has already appeared in other games. In Dead by Daylight, for example, you can even play as him.


Photo: Miramax

But how to make Myers different from Jason? Perhaps this is the main difficulty that the creators of Mortal Kombat 12 may face. However, these two characters have enough distinctive features.

If Jason relies on an aggressive style, then Myers is used to acting slowly and deliberately, using any means at hand to do this – from a table knife to a syringe. With his penchant for excessive violence, he would fit perfectly into the world of Mortal Kombat.

Ash Williams

Ash Williams from The Evil Dead was supposed to appear in Mortal Kombat 11, but this was not destined to come true. His voice lines were found in the game code, and at the end of the debut trailer with a set of characters for the DLC, the sound of Ash’s main attribute, a chainsaw, was heard. When the Kombat Pack was introduced, Ash was not included. Instead, we got the Joker.

“Evil Dead”

Photo: New Line Cinema

Players believe that there was a rights issue when adding Ash to Mortal Kombat. Like, the developers could not agree with the copyright holders, as they overestimated the price tag. There is another option: a new game was supposed to be released in the Evil Dead universe, the release of which was subsequently postponed. Ash was supposed to be added as part of this event, but ended up being replaced with another one. Perhaps the dream of the players will come true and we will see Ash already in Mortal Kombat 12. The charismatic fighter against the undead deserved it!


There is already one iconic movie clown in the universe since the Joker appeared in Mortal Kombat 11. What if we add one more? The main antagonist of Stephen King’s novel “It” and the film adaptation of the same name is able to change appearance, eat children whole and manipulate time.


Photo: Warner Bros.

Just imagine Pennywise taking on the form of another fighter’s worst fears. A similar mechanic already exists in the game – the same Shang Tsung can turn into other fighters. The clown could develop this idea further and get more interesting tricks. And do not forget about his terrifying and ferocious nature, despite all these balloons and fancy dress. As they say, appearances can be deceiving.


The antagonist of the 1992 slasher of the same name is the most underestimated character in horror films, which, if they remember, is only oldies. It’s a pity, because Candyman is perfect for a game as harsh as Mortal Kombat. He has a big hook, he can turn into bees and teleport, he is able to put a person into a trance state. And he does not age and does not need food.

Candyman - like Koschey the Immortal, - the ghost of a reborn slave

Candyman – like Koschey the Immortal, – the ghost of a reborn slave

Photo: Propaganda Films

To call Candyman, you need to repeat his name five times, standing in front of a mirror. But why? Meeting him does not bode well. The villain has the appearance of a thin African American and is two meters tall. It is useless to shoot him with a weapon and hit him with a sword, since the hero has the ability to fully regenerate. However, in Mortal Kombat, his immortality can be omitted. After all, he already has enough surprises for his opponents.


Another character that would fit perfectly into the world of the game is Pinhead from Hellraiser, who was invented in 1987 by writer and director Clive Barker. The character looks unusual, but there is no aversion to his appearance. The only thing that scares him is his pale, hairless head, which is covered with cuts and pins driven into them.


Photo: Entertainment Film Distributors

The representative of hell can do a lot: summon demons, throw out heavy chains with hooks, plunging them into the victim’s flesh, change his appearance and build tricky puzzles. No kidding, this powerful sorcerer is capable of summoning any instrument of torture from an alternate dimension. His possibilities are truly endless, and he himself outwardly resembles the same Shinnok and Quan Chi.

10 Mortal Kombat characters that could appear in the second movie
10 Mortal Kombat characters that could appear in the second movie


Michael Myers would be the tall guy with the kitchen knife, while Chucky would be the little guy with the kitchen knife. A very small guy. One look of surprise from an inanimate object like a bloody doll would be enough to send something down her thighs.


Photo: Syfy

Despite the fact that Chucky has the strength of an adult, his size does not allow him to make open contact with the victims. Most of his murders are on unsuspecting people. He kills brutally but stealthily to gain an advantage in combat.

In any case, it would be interesting to fight a midget character. And if he was added to Mortal Kombat, then he would become the smallest hero in the entire history of the series.

Pyramid Head

But what if we take and add not only characters from films? Should u do a crossover with any other game? The first thing that comes to mind is Silent Hill and Pyramid Head. Since new parts of Silent Hill are in development, the creators of Mortal Kombat 12 could negotiate with Konami to include Pyramid Head in a new fighting game.

Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head

Photo: GoodFon

The character would definitely not get lost in a new role for himself. He is like Myers, but only from the world of games. The same strong, cruel and dangerous opponent. Surrounded by bugs, wearing a white apron and a black helmet and carrying a huge sword, Pyramid Head can get several different and beautiful combinations. And its incarnation in a fighting game would certainly bring tears of joy to many fans of both Silent Hill and other horror games.


What about the antagonist of the Jeepers Creepers movie series? The character, resembling a bat, looks textured, which, however, did not affect his popularity. The Creeper has never appeared in a game yet, despite its rich arsenal and cringe-like appearance. And it is unlikely to appear, given that the director of the film, Victor Salva, was convicted of child molestation. It’s a pity, because the character is very interesting.

“Jeepers Creepers”

Photo: MGM

He wields axes, spears, and throwing knives with equal efficiency. He can fly, has an unrealistic sense of smell and prefers not to throw away corpses, but to collect them in his lair. And yes, most importantly, his murders are not similar to each other. Effectively pierce someone with a spear or leave someone without a head and limbs – he knows how to do this like no other.

ghost face

If you’ve never watched the Scream series, if you don’t like horror, then you should still recognize this fellow. Meet the hero of various memes and the character with the most memorable appearance thanks to his mask with an elongated shape that resembles a screaming man.


Photo: Dimension Films

The ghostly face does not possess remarkable physical strength and cannot boast of superpowers. But why is all this needed when there is a knife and sleight of hand. The unexpectedness with which Ghostface appears can be envied by many maniacs. And his hallmark in Mortal Kombat could be a phone call in the voice acting of Roger Jackson. Just imagine how it can be played. The maniac calls the conditional Milina on the phone to say that now she will be very hurt. Is it cool?

John Kramer (Saw)

Players want to see John Kramer in Mortal Kombat so much that they even create petitions. The protagonist (and at the same time the villain) of the Saw film series could be one of the most interesting guest characters. However, how to implement it in the game? The task is actually not an easy one.


Photo: Twisted Pictures

The cancer-stricken tormentor could have relied on hand-to-hand combat along with various traps from the movie. You can, for example, start the fight with the appearance of the Billy doll on a tricycle. I know it would be fantastic, but the most famous Kramer traps implemented in the game, such as a jaw ripper or a chair with a drill, would be at least interesting to look at.


And how the combo of voiced characters in the game could look like, you can see in the next video. True, the original part of Mortal Kombat is presented as a demonstration.

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