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What records were broken by Vasilevsky, Kucherov, Sergachev in the NHL playoffs, all the achievements of the Russian stars of Tampa


Russian lightning leaders Andrey Vasilevsky, Mikhail Sergachev and Nikita Kucherov are fighting for the third Stanley Cup in a row and are unlikely to think about individual achievements during the final series with Colorado. However, almost every game is marked by some new personal record of our hockey players, and while they are fighting for the team result, we will be happy to tell how our guys are rewriting history again and again.

Andrey Vasilevsky: the best Russian goaltender in the NHL playoffs and the record holder for saves

Andrei Vasilevsky even in the last playoffs bypassed Yevgeny Nabokov and became the leader among Russian goalkeepers in terms of the number of matches in the Stanley Cup, and the second game of the final with Colorado was the 100th anniversary for the Big Cat. And very soon, at least one of our goalkeepers will be able to reach this significant mark.

Russian NHL goaltenders with the most Stanley Cup appearances
No. Goalkeeper Matches
one Andrey Vasilevsky 103
2 Evgeny Nabokov 86
3 Nikolai Khabibulin 72
four Semyon Varlamov 60
5 Sergei Bobrovsky 51

In the current playoffs, Vasilevsky has already won 14 victories, bringing the total score of triumphs in Stanley Cup matches to 63. The well-known goalkeeper Curtis Joseph has the same number – the Canadian shares 13th place with the Russian in the list of most often winning goalkeepers in the history of the play off NHL.

Vasilevsky can already catch up with the legendary Dominik Hasek: for this, Tampa with Andrei at the gate needs to win two more matches, that is, take the third Stanley Cup in a row. Well, the 66th victory will make the Ufa pupil absolutely the best among Europeans.

Other heights will be able to submit to Andrey if he manages to hold at least three more playoffs at the same consistently victorious level. But how to catch up with the record holder, Patrick Roy, is not yet very clear.

Most winning goaltenders in NHL history
No. Goalkeeper Matches/Wins
one Patrick Roy 247/151
2 Martin Brodeur 205/113
3 Marc-Andre Fleury 167/92
four Grant Fur 150/92
5 Billy Smith 132/88
6 Ed Belfort 161/88
7 Ken Dryden 112/80
eight Mike Vernon 138/77
9 Chris Osgood 129/74
ten Jacques Plant 112/71
eleven Andy Moog 132/68
12 Dominik Hasek 119/65
13 Andrey Vasilevsky 103/63
fourteen Curtis Joseph 133/63

However, Vasilevsky has already surpassed the legend of Montreal and Colorado in some ways. Within the framework of one playoff, Rua never made more than 601 saves, and Andrei already has 665 reflected shots. And this is not the best indicator of a Russian!

Before the end of the current Stanley Cup draw, Vasilevsky should surpass his personal record set two years ago, but it will be difficult for him to even catch up with Anton Khudobin and get into the top 3, even if there is a seventh game in this final and Colorado does not reduce throwing activity.

Goaltender with the most saves in a single playoff
No. Goalkeeper (Club) Season Matches/Saves
one Tim Thomas (Boston) 2010/2011 25/798
2 Kirk McLean (Vancouver) 1993/1994 24/761
3 Anton Khudobin (Dallas) 2019/2020 25/744
four Tuukka Rask (Boston) 2012/2013 22/715
5 Jonathan Quick (Kings) 2013/2014 26/705
6 Ron Hextall (Philadelphia) 1986/1987 26/698
7 Oli Kolzig (Washington) 1997/1998 21/696
eight Tuukka Rask (Boston) 2018/2019 24/693
9 Andrei Vasilevsky (Tampa) 2019/2020 25/686
ten John Vanbiesbrook (Florida) 1995/1996 22/685
eleven Henrik Lundqvist (Rangers) 2013/2014 25/683
12 Jordan Binnington (St. Louis) 2018/2019 26/678
13 Igor Shesterkin (Rangers) 2021/2022 twenty/669
fourteen Andrei Vasilevsky (Tampa) 2021/2022 22/665

But Vasilevsky did not remain without absolute records associated with saves in the current playoffs. For example, a Russian became the first goalkeeper in NHL history with 600+ saves in three Stanley Cup games in a row. In the 2019/2020 season, Andriy saved 686 shots, a year later – 655, and now he already has 665 saves. Previous best streaks have been held by Fleury and Belfour, who have saved at least 550 shots in three consecutive playoffs.

But even if you do not set the serial filter, then Vasilevsky is still the NHL record holder. Previously, only Boston’s Tuukka Rask managed two career playoffs with 600+ saves. The Russian, as you understand, already has three such playoffs, which makes him a truly unique goalkeeper.

In terms of the total number of saves in the NHL playoffs, Vasilevsky, of course, is still significantly behind the legends of the past. However, Andrei is only 28 years old, he barely exchanged the second hundred matches in the Stanley Cup, so his current 17th place looks very worthy and promising.

Goaltenders with the most saves in NHL playoff history
No. Goalkeeper Saves
one Patrick Roy 6559
2 Martin Brodeur 4830
3 Marc-Andre Fleury 4410
four Ed Belfort 4117
5 Grant Fur 3777
6 Curtis Joseph 3599
7 Henrik Lundqvist 3567
eight Billy Smith 3306
9 Glenn Hall 3285
ten Tom Barrasso 3218
eleven Mike Vernon 3154
12 Andy Moog 3046
13 Dominik Hasek 3037
fourteen Tuukka Rask 2992
fifteen Ken Dryden 2953
16 Chris Osgood 2918
17 Andrey Vasilevsky 2874

America has already recognized the greatness of Russian goalkeepers. Now two more talents are going to conquer the NHL

Mikhail Sergachev: gave the best season in his career, bypassed Fetisov

Less attention is riveted to the defender Sergachev than to Vasilevsky or Kucherov, and it’s harder for Mikhail, who is not the most productive, to get into various ratings. However, this season is already the most successful for the Nizhnekamsk hockey player in terms of personal statistics: Sergachev scored 48 (9 + 39) points for the regular season and playoffs.

8 assists in the current playoffs allowed the Russian to bring the total score of assists in the Stanley Cup to 22 – so Sergachev became the second assistant defender in the history of Tampa. Mikhail beat Ryan McDonagh, but he is very far from the first place. That position is taken by the superb Victor Hedman, who already has 85 passes to his credit, and this number is increasing in almost every match.

Interestingly, not the most productive Sergachev confidently enters the top 30 Russian scorers in the history of the NHL playoffs. Recently, Mikhail, with his 30th (8 + 22) points, bypassed, for example, Ilya Kovalchuk and Vyacheslav Fetisov and now shares 25th place in this list with Sergey Berezin.

Well, if we take only Russian defenders, then here Sergachev is in sixth place and with excellent prospects to enter the top 3 soon.

The most productive Russian defenders in the NHL playoffs
No. Defender Matches/Points
one Sergey Zubov 164/117
2 Sergei Gonchar 141/90
3 Alexey Zhitnik 98/39
four Dmitry Mironov 75/36
5 Andrey Markov 89/32
6 Mikhail Sergachev 91/thirty

Kucherov: caught up with Gretzky and Lemieux, will soon set a European NHL record

Finally, Nikita Kucherov. The third hockey player in the history of the NHL, who managed to score 90+ points in three playoffs in a row – the company here for the Russian is the greatest Gretzky and Lemieux. Fourth player in the league after Gretzky, Bossy and Trottier to score 25+ points in the Stanley Cup for three years in a row.

“Tampa” – beats, Kucherov – again a genius! Pushed the Russian legend and came up with the winning goal

Nikita is once again having a great playoff, trying to drag Tampa on him and at the same time moving up the list of top scorers in the NHL playoffs. So far, Nikita is 28th, but already in this draw, Kuch can aim at at least 26th place.

Top scorers in NHL playoff history
No. Player Matches/Points
one Wayne Gretzky 208/382
2 Mark Messier 236/295
3 Jari Kurri 200/233
four Glenn Anderson 225/214
5 Jaromir Jagr 208/201
6 Sidney Crosby 180/201
7 Paul Coffey 194/196
eight Brett Hull 202/190
9 Joe Sakic 172/188
ten Doug Gilmour 182/188
fourteen Evgeni Malkin 177/180
17 Sergei Fedorov 183/176
26 Claude Lemieux 234/158
27 Adam Oates 163/156
28 Nikita Kucherov 135/154

As can be seen from the table, Kucherov is the third Russian scorer in Stanley Cup matches. In the current playoffs, Nikita overtook Alexander Ovechkin.

According to Russian goals, Kucherov is still far from Ovechkin (72 goals) – the leader of Tampa has 52 goals. But this is the same amount as Sergei Fedorov managed to shoot, who spent 50 cup matches more. Between Ovechkin and Kucherov in the list of Russian snipers is Evgeni Malkin – 67 goals.

Kucherov already has 26 Stanley Cup games with 2+ points – this is a repeat of Jaromir Jagr’s record for extreme forwards. In addition, Nikita is the best scorer in Tampa history on the power play (18 goals vs. 17 for Stamkos). In total, the Russian has 64 (18 + 46) points when selling extra in playoff matches, and this is the 21st result for the entire existence of the NHL. While Kucherov shares his position with Bobby Smith and Denis Savard, but very soon Nikita should bypass Jagr and Kurri. Unless, of course, “Tampa” will correct the majority in the final series with “Colorado”.

Top scoring NHL players on powerplay
No. Player Glasses
one Wayne Gretzky 125 (35+90)
2 Niklas Lidström 111 (30+81)
3 Al McInnis 97 (26+71)
four Mark Messier 92 (24+68)
5 Ray Burke 89 (15+74)
6 Paul Coffey 87 (21+66)
7 Evgeni Malkin 81 (28+53)
eight Denis Potvin 81 (28+53)
9 Joe Sakic 80 (27+53)
ten Mario Lemieux 78 (29+49)
13 Sidney Crosby 75 (20+55)
17 Sergei Fedorov 69 (15+54)
eighteen Larry Murphy 67 (20+47)
19 Jari Kurri 66 (25+41)
twenty Jaromir Jagr 65 (24+41)
21 Nikita Kucherov 64 (18+46)

So Tampa’s third consecutive super-successful playoffs not only brings the Lightning closer to the title of the first team-dynasty in the age of the salary cap, but also turns the leaders of the Lightning into the status of living legends. And it’s incredibly cool that among them there are three Russian hockey players at once.


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