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What they say in America about the injury of Alexander Ovechkin and the goalkeeper who tripped him


“Goalkeeper – to jail!” In America, passions boil after Ovechkin’s injury ahead of the NHL playoffs

Elena Kuznetsova

Part of the fans defends Chellgren, part is indignant that he was not sent off, and wants revenge at the hands of Tom Wilson.

Losing to Toronto after a 3-1 lead in the third period was not the worst thing that happened to the Capitals in this game. Much worse is the injury of Alexander Ovechkin on the eve of the playoffs, especially if it turns out to be serious. The controversial episode caused a lot of discussion in North America – why was the Toronto goaltender not sent off, who put a stick in the legs of the capital’s captain? Did he do it on purpose? How soon will Ovi be back in action?

Ovechkin cursed and violently threw his helmet! He was injured due to a goaltender’s footboard.

“The creepiest sight in the world”

“With the playoffs starting next week, any injury to a star player is heartbreaking. Alexander Ovechkin broke into a one-on-one attack, and Toronto goaltender Eric Kjellgren tripped him, after which Alex flew into the boards with his left shoulder.

The 50-goal captain of the season writhed on the ice before rising to his feet and voicing his displeasure to the referees, before riding into the locker room with an upper body injury. He was unable to complete the match, and Peter Laviolette said that Ovechkin was waiting for an examination. There was no deletion for this episode, ”Sportsnet noted.


“This is unbelievable to watch,” Spittin’ Chiclets tweeted.

“Kjellgren should have been removed,” said journalist Brady Trettenero.

“As unfortunate as the loss to Toronto was, the loss of Ovechkin is much more serious,” writes AP.

“The scariest sight in the world for the Washingtons happened tonight when team captain Alexander Ovechkin ended the game early due to injury. The playoffs begin next week and the Capitals will anxiously await news of their sniper’s injury,” NBC Sports Capitals said.

“While Ovechkin was lying on the ice, there was silence in the stands. Before receiving medical attention, he got up and rode across the ice without a stick. He shouted at the referees, who did not see the violation of the rules in the episode.
The always hardy superstar usually bounces back from minor injuries and stays on the bench, like when the puck hit him in the leg earlier in the game. But this time, Ovechkin immediately went to the sub-tribune and did not return.

Ovechkin has shown remarkable stamina throughout his career, even now at 36. He has only missed two games this season due to the COVID protocol.

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Ovechkin limped off to the bench after blocking Giordano’s shot in the early game against Toronto

“Goalkeeper – to jail!”

In social networks, heated disputes broke out between the fans – on purpose, Chellgren put up a club or not.

“Goalkeeper – to jail!”

“I don’t understand how anyone can call this blatant trip a failed attempt to play the puck with a stick.”

“Kjellgren will still understand what awaits him next year. Wilson has a good memory, he will do justice.”

“Looks weird, but I doubt this guy would dare play that dirty against a future Hall of Famer.”

“Sometimes the Russian car breaks down.”

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The Toronto goalkeeper commented on the episode in which he injured Ovechkin

“It’s scary to watch the Big Eight lie on the ice”

Chellgren said after the game that he had no intention of tripping and Ovechkin himself ran over his stick, adding that he “always admired Ovechkin and meeting his legendary shot is fantastic.”

“I don’t want great players to go out of action. I hope he’s okay,” Toronto striker Jason Spezza sympathized with the Russian.

“It’s scary to watch the Big Eight fall and lie on the ice. However, he is a strong guy. But if anyone doesn’t miss more time than necessary, it’s number eight,” TJ Oshie said, adding that he spoke to Ovi after the game and thinks he’ll be fine.

The Washingtons have a day off today, but there will be team photography, and Ovechkin is expected to be in attendance. We hope he was not seriously injured and did not return to the game only for precautionary reasons. Otherwise, it will be a big blow to the Caps before the playoffs.



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