What to do if you feel uncomfortable being alone. 8 easy solutions

Olga Egorova

Olga Egorova

How to deal with loneliness

Loneliness is just as important for mental health as socializing.

Sometimes, it’s only when you’re alone with yourself that you can truly understand your feelings. But what if it is at this moment that longing overcomes? We deal with an expert.

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practical psychologist, neuropsychologist, CBT therapist, art therapist, candidate of psychological sciences

When we are in temporary seclusion, we are overtaken by the realization of our “imperfection”. It is possible and necessary to deal with the inner critic. Here’s how to do it.

What to do so that solitude brings pleasure, not suffering

  • Practice meditation;
  • get creative;
  • plan self-development;
  • communicate with nature;
  • read, write;
  • Listen to music;
  • contemplate works of art;
  • take up exercise.

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Anxious thoughts are internal events of great importance to us. As a rule, they become more obvious and intrusive during the period of solitude – forced or voluntary.

However, it is precisely by observing such thoughts from the outside that we can evaluate their realism, reliability, and “catastrophicity.” For example, you can debunk myths about yourself: are you really weak, lazy and unlucky? Or is it just a figment of your disturbing imagination?

Exercise “Dialogue with the Inner Critic”

It is important to realize that the “inner critic” is not always right; one can and should argue with his statements. Therefore, we imagine this “critic” as an unfamiliar, separate being from us and allow him to speak, subjecting each phrase to a response criticism. When you run out of criticism, ask yourself a simple question: “Who am I when this voice is silent?”

Learn to recognize your worth and your achievements, even if they are not yet perfect. And then being alone with yourself will be filled with love and respect for yourself, as well as interesting plans for self-development. Spending time alone is just as important as interacting with people. “Dating with yourself” will help with this – read more about this in our previous article.

Why do you need “dates with yourself”? This trend is not that new.

If you are not yet accustomed to the comfort of being alone, take solitude in small portions to gradually get used to it. And then return to society. This will let you know that isolation does not exist, and you can choose to be alone to focus on interesting things, or immerse yourself in communication. But communication will also become more meaningful and joyful if you come to it with a positive experience of self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

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