What to eat so as not to get drunk? 5 foods to help prevent a hangover

What to eat so as not to get drunk: 5 products

If you can’t give up alcohol, you can reduce the number of unpleasant consequences.

What to eat so as not to get drunk? How to drink and not get drunk?

Let’s talk with a nutritionist.

Noisy parties and loud feasts, weddings, birthdays and many other occasions for fun are often associated with alcohol. The consequences of drinking alcohol are very unpleasant, but they can be avoided. And if you haven’t succeeded in giving up alcohol yet, you can use a few life hacks.

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What Foods Help Fight Intoxication?

Take absorbent substances

Usually activated charcoal and other adsorbents – gel or powder – we take after the fun the next morning, when we feel bad. In fact, this must be done in advance – before the start of the feast. In this case, alcohol, which begins to be absorbed into the blood, will be neutralized by the adsorbent – it will smooth out the effects of intoxication. It is recommended to use the adsorbent an hour before the holiday.

drink more water

During the feast, stock up on a glass and a bottle of clean drinking water. It is able to dilute alcohol in the blood and reduce the degree of intoxication. Drink one glass of water after every glass of alcohol.

Move more

The more you move during the feast – for example, get up from the table or dance – the better it will affect your condition, since physical activity reduces the effect of alcohol on the brain. Also try to get outside more often. But do not overwork with activity under the influence of alcohol – it can be dangerous for the heart and blood vessels.

Too much hangover can be not only the result of a noisy party, but also an alarm bell – you may have an intolerance to alcohol. Read about other signs of alcohol allergy in our material.

11 Signs You Have an Alcohol Intolerance
11 Signs You Have an Alcohol Intolerance

Have the right foods

You have probably heard about this rule more than once. It is necessary not only not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach, but also to eat the right food the day before. It is believed that the fatter the food, the better it neutralizes the effects of alcohol. Fat strengthens the walls of the stomach and prevents alcohol from entering the bloodstream. But there is an important point: too fatty foods can also cause digestive problems. So how to be? What products to choose?


In the first place is sauerkraut. It is rich in fiber, which significantly slows down the absorption of alcohol. And if there are berries in the cabbage, the effect will be doubled. Also, sauerkraut improves the intestinal microflora, which will allow you not to feel overwhelmed after a feast.


Avocados today can be easily found on the shelves of any supermarket. Therefore, do not be lazy – buy this exotic fruit before the start of the feast. Thanks to vegetable fats, the walls of the stomach will not allow strong absorption of alcohol into the blood.


Herring or pink salmon are well suited for the role of a fighter against the harmful effects of alcohol. Due to their fat content, they have the same protective properties of the body as avocados.

If you often want fish, this may indicate a lack of certain substances in the body. About which ones, they told in the article.

Why do you want fish.  5 unexpected reasons from a nutritionist
Why do you want fish. 5 unexpected reasons from a nutritionist


It has a detoxifying property and is able to neutralize the effects of alcohol in the blood. Lemon can be added to a dish, for example, or eat a few slices.


This method has been known since Soviet times. If you do not eat butter, you can replace it with olive. Thanks to the effect of the oil, the stomach will not experience the irritating effect of alcohol, which will stabilize your condition.

All these life hacks are good, but remember that the surest way to avoid drunkenness and hangovers is not to drink alcohol. After all, it harms the body, and sober parties are not a bit more boring.

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