What happens if you drink a glass of warm water every morning

What happens if you drink a glass of warm water in the morning

It is important to choose the right temperature and time.

Is it good to drink warm water in the morning? When and how much should you drink it?

Let’s talk with a nutritionist.

Many have heard that drinking a glass of water in the morning is good for you. But not everyone knows what this benefit is. And if it is useful, then what kind of water to drink? Cold or warm? And when?

<a href="https://www.championat.com/authors/4705/1.html">Lydia Kvashnina</a>” title=”<a href="https://www.championat.com/authors/4705/1.html">Lydia Kvashnina</a>“/></p></div><p>nutritionist</p><p class=You need to drink water properly.

The debate about what temperature to drink water in the morning is still ongoing. Someone claims that you need to drink water at room temperature, someone – warm. It is only known for sure that you should not drink very cold water, because it is more likely to harm the body. And if you have problems with the digestive system, then it can provoke a deterioration in its work. So why should you drink warm water in the morning?

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Lydia: I recommend drinking about 250-500 ml of clean filtered drinking water at room temperature (20-27°C) in the morning 30-40 minutes before breakfast.

Improve metabolism

A glass of water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach will be the trigger that will start the metabolism.

Normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract

Water in the morning helps the formation of gastric enzymes, starts bile flow, minimizes the level of acidity in the stomach, sets the intestines in motion.

Pain will go away

You will no longer be tormented by morning pains – headaches, joint and others. Since warm water on an empty stomach will help relieve cramps.

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Helps to lose weight

A glass of warm water in the morning will be an excellent addition to a set of measures to reduce body weight. Since it launches active cleansing, which not only removes toxins and toxins, but also promotes weight loss.

Add energy

Water in the morning activates the circulatory, lymphatic and genitourinary systems and helps fight drowsiness. And as a bonus, you will get healthy skin and strong immunity.

Can you drink water with honey?

It is not recommended to drink water with honey, since honey in water is fructose, which, in the absence of fiber, which slows down its absorption, automatically upsets the balance of glucose in the blood. And this will invariably lead to weight gain and, in the long term, to fatty liver hepatosis.

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What about lemon water?

And it is also better to forget about the water with lemon loved by many. On an empty stomach, it will lead you straight to gastritis and the destruction of tooth enamel. Citrus fruits are very useful, but you should not drink such water on an ongoing basis. You can drink a course several times a year, but always through a tube to avoid contact with tooth enamel.

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