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Whenever Bumrah batted, Rohit Sharma’s bat was blunt

Rohit and Bumrah have played together in four Tests, 55 ODIs and 39 T20 Internationals so far.

Rohit Sharma

Indian opener Rohit Sharma and fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah have played together in 98 matches in international cricket so far, but the two have never been seen batting together on the field.

However, they are still far behind the world record of 408 matches of Sanath Jayasuriya and Muttiah Muralitharan in this matter. International activities are at a standstill due to the crisis.

When cricket starts after recovering from this, Rohit-Bumrah can also join the pairs who never played together even after playing more than 100 matches.

Rohit and Bumrah have played together in 4 Tests, 55 ODIs and 39 T20 Internationals so far. Rohit has been playing the role of opener regularly since 2013.

Bumrah made his international debut in 2016. He batted in 42 innings in 128 international matches. In 34 of these innings, he came out to bat at number 11.

In 101 innings of 98 matches in which Rohit and Bumrah played together, this fast bowler batted in only 23 innings. Interestingly, in most of these 23 innings, Rohit’s bat was blunt.

Rohit, who specializes in playing long innings, was able to score only one century and two half-centuries in these innings. Meanwhile, in 18 innings, he could not progress beyond 15 runs.

Rohit has also played 80 international matches (47 ODIs and 33 T20 Internationals) so far with Yuzvendra Chahal, but both of them have also never batted together. Indian captain Virat Kohli and Chahal have also not yet batted together in 64 matches played (39 ODIs and 25 T20 Internationals).

However, despite playing most matches together in international cricket, the record of never batting together is in the name of Sri Lankan Jayasuriya and Muralitharan. These two played a total of 408 matches (90 Tests, 307 ODIs and 11 T20 Internationals) together but coincidentally they could never bat together.

Jayasuriya started his career as a middle lower-order batsman, but was later established as an opener. On the other hand, Muralitharan has always been a lower-order batsman. He went on to bat at number 10 or number 11 in his career. He came in to bat at number 8 in 5 innings and ninth in 45 innings.

Muralitharan batted in 267 innings out of 408 matches. Incidentally, Jayasuriya was already out in all these innings. There were some occasions when Muralitharan could get a chance to bat while staying at the crease of Jayasuriya. For example, when Muralitharan started his Test career, Jayasuriya came to bat at number six or seventh, but even then Muralitharan did not bat or Jayasuriya got out early.

Jayasuriya played a total of 468 innings while staying in Muralitharan’s team, scoring 15964 runs, which includes 32 centuries and 87 half-centuries, but he could never pair up with the world veteran off-spinner.

Jayasuriya played partnerships with 39 partners in matches featuring Muralidhardhan. He has teamed up with 219 times in such matches with Mervan Attapattu and 101 times with Romesh Kaluvitarna. Muralitharan batted 4 with Kaluvitarna and two innings with Atapattu.

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