The 24th FIFA World Cup will take place in the summer of 2030. The tournament will take place one hundred years after the first World Cup in history. 48 teams will play in the final stage of the World Cup. On October 24, 2019, FIFA announced that the official acceptance of applications for hosting the tournament will begin in 2022, and the final selection of the winner will take place at the 74th FIFA Congress in 2024. In just two months, seven countries have applied to host the tournament.

Which countries have applied to host the 2030 World Cup

Morocco was the first country to apply to host the tournament. This happened in October 2018. Two years later, a joint statement was sent by Spain and Portugal, who named stadiums for the World Cup in the summer. From them 14 arenas will be presented. For the World Cup, Spain already has 14 stadiums that have the right to host matches of the World Cup. Spain is the main country, while Portugal will have three stadiums out of 14 planned. These will be two arenas from Lisbon plus one from Porto, according to Marca.

Portugal offers “Da Luz”, “Dragau” and “Jose Alvalade”. Spain is considering for the application the stadiums Santiago Bernabeu, Civitas Metropolitano, Camp Nou, Cornella, La Cartuja, San Mames, Mestalla, Riazor, El Molinon, La Romareda , Reale Arena, La Rosaleda, Gran Canaria and La Condomina.

Luis Rubiales

Luis Rubiales

President of the Spanish Football Federation

“This agreement marks an important step for this common project of the federations and also for the countries. Football, sport is a great tool for giving strength and the will to overcome these difficult moments. Few things are more exciting than the opportunity to host a World Cup and we can’t imagine a better partner than Portugal. We go hand in hand with the Portuguese Federation.”

In August this year, four South American countries competed for hosting the World Cup with the above-mentioned countries – Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile. These countries hope to get the right to host the world tournament under the slogan “Together 2030”. The pitching ceremony took place at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo, which in 1930 hosted the final of the first World Cup between Uruguay and Argentina (4:2). At the same time, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin is confident that the 2030 World Cup will be held in Spain and Portugal, he told Football Talks about this. The functionary also added that he considers this application a winning one and that the organization “will work to help.”

Holding the World Cup every two years is a stupid idea.  There is a more logical solution
Holding the World Cup every two years is a stupid idea. There is a more logical solution

Joint bid by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece

In early September, The Times, citing sources familiar with the situation, reported that within a few weeks the joint application of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece to host the tournament would be officially announced. The decision was made after negotiations at the government level. If these countries receive the right to host the 2030 World Cup, Saudi Arabia will bear part of the costs of preparing infrastructure in Egypt and Greece. The bid will be a serious competitor to the UEFA-backed Spanish-Portuguese joint bid, as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece represent three different confederations. This application is expected to be supported by Asia, Africa and some European countries.

Against another winter world championship, representatives of the top leagues in Europe will probably come forward, in which the tournament will have to interrupt the season for more than a month. According to the source, FIFA chief Gianni Infantino has met with representatives from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece in recent weeks, but FIFA sources said he would not support any specific bid.

FIFA chief Gianni Infantino

FIFA chief Gianni Infantino

Photo: Francois Nel/Getty Images

The FIFA president himself said in March 2021 that each country will be treated fairly. “I am very pleased to read about the interest of Mr. Boris Johnson and the entire British world in hosting the World Cup. The more applicants we have, the happier I am because we have a bulletproof, clean, transparent, professional bidding process where the rules are clear even before bids are submitted. This is what we did last time, and I’m proud of it, because if we didn’t, you [СМИ] right to kill us. But we did a tender that went very well and we want to do the same. [в 2030 году]”, said Gianni Infantino.

The 2022 World Cup schedule was approved 132 days ago, and now they are changing it.  What is the problem?
The 2022 World Cup schedule was approved 132 days ago, and now they are changing it. What is the problem?

In addition to the fact that the tournament can take place in winter, it will be played in countries located far from each other. This is the distance between the three countries.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece on the world map

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece on the world map

Photo: Made with Mapchart

The human rights organization Amnesty International wants to prevent the World Cup in Saudi Arabia. She said hosting the World Cup in a South West Asian country would be “virtually impossible” if FIFA applied criteria related to human rights. According to the organization, FIFA should strictly apply human rights criteria when considering any possible application involving Saudi Arabia. It seems that holding the tournament in Spain and Portugal looks like the best solution. Is not it?


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