There are less than two weeks left until the end of the season in the FNL. Two teams will get into the RPL directly, two more will try to do it through play-offs with clubs in the elite division. Unless, of course, no one has problems with licensing, as has happened before. Let’s take a look at the calendars of the clubs fighting for promotion and see what the odds are.

Orenburg, 73 points

Calendar: SKA-Khabarovsk (away), Volgar (a)

The club’s entry into the RPL directly is almost a settled issue. For this, it is enough that on May 11 Fakel did not beat KAMAZ at its stadium. If Voronezh still wins, then Orenburg will have enough two draws in the final rounds. The trip to Khabarovsk will be a difficult test for the team of Czech specialist Marcel Lichka. But Orenburg can win in Astrakhan, because the local team takes only 16th place in the FNL.

Just in case, let’s clarify: in case of equality of points between the two teams, personal meetings will go into the calculation first. This season, Fakel (now in third place) beat Orenburg twice (2:0, 1:0), so the advantage will be on its side.

Torpedo, 68 points

Calendar: Metallurg Lr (a), Enisey (a), Kuban (home)

The Moscow club has not played in the elite division since the 2014/2015 season. If Torpedo wins at least two of the three remaining matches, then with a high degree of probability it will not fall below second place, since the team has an advantage in personal meetings over Fakel (2:2, 1:0). On paper, it will be the hardest in Krasnoyarsk, but a trip to Lipetsk and a home game with Kuban can become passing for Muscovites.

“Torpedo” – “Veles” – 1:0. Partners congratulate the scorer Amur Kalmykov


“Torch”, 65 points

Calendar: KAMAZ (d), Metallurg Lp (d), Baltika (d)

The Voronezh team will face two outsiders of the tournament, as well as a difficult trip to Kaliningrad. Theoretically, three FNL leaders can end the season with the same number of points. If Orenburg scores one point, Torpedo six, and Fakel three, then three teams will have 74 points each. In this case, you will have to count the total number of victories in the season – according to this indicator, Orenburg and Fakel will get into the RPL.

17 goals in three FNL matches!
17 goals in three FNL matches! “Krasnodar-2” with legionnaires demolished the leader, “Torpedo” gave a show

SKA-Khabarovsk, 62 points

Calendar: Orenburg (h), Akron (h)

The Far East finish the championship with two home matches. The Khabarovsk club still has theoretical chances for a direct ticket to the RPL, but this alignment is unlikely. You need to: a) win both of your matches; b) for Torpedo to lose everything; c) for Fakel to draw three times. In this scenario, three teams will have 68 points each, which means they will have to count the total number of wins in the season. Torpedo will have 18 of them, while Fakel and SKA will have 20 each. After that, you will have to look at the statistics of personal meetings, and here the advantage is on the side of the Khabarovsk team (1:0, 2:1).

It’s much easier to get stuck. Two victories will definitely guarantee the army team a meeting with a top division club. If SKA Khabarovsk scores the same number of points with Yenisei, then the advantage will be on the side of the Krasnoyarsk club in personal meetings (3:4, 3:1).

SKA-Khabarovsk - Tom - 2:0.  In attack, one of the best FNL scorers Georgy Gongadze

SKA-Khabarovsk – Tom – 2:0. In attack, one of the best FNL scorers Georgy Gongadze


Enisey, 60 points

Calendar: Torpedo (h), Veles (h)

Enisey, like SKA, will play the remaining matches of the season at home. A club that has clearly shown itself in the Russian Cup can only get into the RPL through play-offs. And not everything depends on the team of Vadim Garanin. Yenisei has an advantage over SKA in terms of additional indicators, but the Khabarovsk club has two points more so far.

A new cool coach is growing in Russia.  Soon he will surely break into the RPL
A new cool coach is growing in Russia. Soon he will surely break into the RPL

Baltika, 57 points

Calendar: Veles (d), Fakel (d)

Sergei Ignashevich’s guys had a ghostly chance of hitting the joints. They need to make sure to score six points in the remaining two matches and count on successful outcomes of meetings with the participation of competitors.

“Alania” is not only round dances and free kicks. The main feature in the unique composition

Alania, 57 points

Calendar: “Rotor” (d), “KAMAZ” (d)

The Russian Cup sensation team has a similar situation as Baltika. The Caucasian club failed the final segment of the season (only two wins in 10 matches) and is unlikely to catch up. Apparently, we will not see enchanting drawings of Alania standards in the new RPL season.


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